Farscape: Green Eyed Monster   Rewatch 
January 5, 2016 11:22 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Talyn gets swallowed by a Budong, and it's up to Stark to save them. Rumors of an affair spread distrust among the crew.[via]
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Ha Ha! I love the summary from the Wikipedia page, it's very TV Guide-ish. So much happens in this episode! This is the first one Ben Browder wrote for Farscape, and it's one of my favorites. I'll write more later...
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I have an irrational love for how Ben Browder says "Budong".
No idea why.
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Rygel and Stark are excellent foils for each other. One is calm, but selfish, the other is frantic, but empathetic. Stir them together and you get knock outs and vomiting. Wonderful.

For some reason, Talyn never really got on my good side. Perhaps because he was never really allowed to mature as a character, going from child-like to adolescent to teen, and suffering from those type of emotions. He's almost an anti-Moya in how he reacts to things. This episode did nothing to warm him up to me. I appreciated the twist at the end that Talyn had been up to almost everything, which again, as I said, continued a tradition of me not being that big fan of Talyn.

Fantastic to see a real live Budong in the wild. It's one more creature in a tradition of giant creatures living in a vacuum. I try not to think about how it works.

Crais kind of had a creep vibe about him through the episode, which I suppose should be granted due to his emotional/physical trauma gratis Talyn's feedback. I do think I like Crais' character much more when he doesn't appear to be overly interested in Aeryn, though.
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What's not to love about this episode? It's a twisty thriller that ends in a romantic scene which moves the lead couple into a relationship, finally! Although, there is that pesky problem of another John...

One of my favorites of the season and the series. So many great lines that really convey what the characters are going through. Talyn does have some issues, though. : )
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I can see why Season 3 is the favorite of many. One episode after another after another is just fantastic.
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