Three Moments of an Explosion
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Today, another story from this book: Keep.

A mysterious, contagious infection causes a moat to form around infected people, crumbling the ground and structures nearby. We follow a researcher working for the remains of the military as she attempts to find the origins of the phenomenon, as the world literally and figuratively collapses around her.
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This book was up and down for me. I wish I hadn't powered through the whole thing in a few days, as I got weary of the vibe of "isn't this a wacky, creepy idea?!!" that taken in aggregate, I got from the collection. Had I read this slowly, alternating a story with reading from another book, I think I could have appreciated everything more. Anyway, despite some of my annoyance, especially with the more fragmented mini-stories, this particular story stood out as having the qualities of the best speculative fiction: writing good enough to have me immersed in a completely alien experience, in part because it's just so alien, and in part because it's clearly metaphorical.
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FYI, I think this will be the last post on this book. Not seeing a lot of interest so doesn't make sense to do multiple posts, so if you want to comment on other stories from this book, go for it!
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I had the same feeling about the book after I too read the whole thing too quickly.
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