Adventure Time: President Porpoise Is Missing!
January 12, 2016 10:02 PM - Season 7, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Finn and Jake attempt to track down President Porpoise before Vice President Blowfish takes over
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This feels like it needs a part 2.
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This weeks AT bomb has been pretty underwhelming; hopefully, Thursday's stop-motion episode will be good.
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It was worth it for BMO role-playing being on the sub.
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I don't think AT always needs to be a mythology episode to be worthwhile, but this done did feel particularly inventory story-ish. But just the idea of President Porpoise cracks me up. I agree that BMO and Ice King made the episode, though.
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Thursday's stop-motion episode will be good.

Here's an interview with Lepore to warm up with. And some animation: Move Mountain. Bottle.
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This was a great episode. I love the ones where they point out that Finn & Jake are not infallible, that they're just 2 independent points in a larger context. And they do that by showing Banana Man & Ice King & BMO having their own adventures that Finn & Jake are completely oblivious to. It's very entertaining on multiple levels. Like at the one level, Finn & Jake being goofy and having a cute but pointless adventure under the sea. But at the same time, being introduced to this whole other under sea world with its own democracy. At the same time, Banana Man feels jealousy that he's not a part of Finn & Jake's special friendship, and falls in love. At the same time, Ice King & BMO bond over an intense experience. All of this in 10 minutes.
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Also, I guess Finn got over his fear of the ocean.
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This came on my dvr recently and I enjoyed it again. This time I noticed how F@J were goofing off and screwing around the whole time. I also noticed how important the last line "Dying together sucks less than dying alone" was. There were 4 couples representing different levels of togetherness in this one - president porpoise & secretary octopus (I was struck by how concerned and cute the octopus was when he was like "Do not agree!" Showing some kind of pre-existing friendship), ice king & bmo, Finn & Jake, and banana man & the fish lady.
It was cool to come back to this thread to see that I liked this episode the first time because I remembered feeling ambivalent about it. Maybe it grew on me.
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