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January 13, 2016 5:08 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Eretria and Cephalo kidnap Wil and Amberle; Wil must learn how to use the Elfstones before a Fury kills them all.
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Huh: nobody's commented on this one?

This episode felt a bit sluggish compared to the second hour of the premiere; the cliffhanger Fury gets dispatched immediately and then the threat in this one is... another Fury? Also, the whole "Allanon needs special healing mud" seemed very much a contrivance to get Will and Amberle away from him and back into Eritrea's orbit; because it turns out Allanon is quite capable of healing himself and never needed their help anyway.

The plotting sometimes wears its influences very openly: the last 10 minutes of this is all very Star Wars-ey, no? Han Will nopes out but then makes the moral choice and returns at the climax to help Luke Amberle; Luke Amberle must enter a mysterious cave tree in order to test herself.
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Wil said "Oh, believe me, I am no fighter" but then he took off his t-shirt to jump in the lake and was a slab of muscle.
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