American Horror Story: Be Our Guest
January 13, 2016 9:04 PM - Season 5, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Everybody dies, probably. I don't know. Look, this is the fifth season of this show, you know how things go around here.

Appropriately, our posts on this season of AHS vanished mysteriously, presumably to return all in a big chunk the night before Halloween. Anywayzers, I figured we might as well pick it up at the end. I feel like Hotel was much more...uh...coherent than any season since Asylum, but I also think the show has settled into perhaps too familiar a storytelling rhythm. And that killing Queenie was some fucking bullshit, man. I liked the finale a lot, though. If a few character arcs fizzled (the Lowe family en masse), AHS loves its quirky weirdos best, and Liz, Iris and Tristan all got fitting goodbyes. Looking forward to October 2016, when the Coven battles the Cortez and Sarah Paulson plays at least three characters, or something totally different yet still weirdly familiar happens.
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What the hell was that? I know this by now but Murphy really has no sense of how to plan or execute a story. A lot of this episode was fun and yay Liz for sure but what a mess.
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Hmmmm - I feel like this was a mess on an episode saved by some really strong performances and also there was Wes Bently. I need to think about it more, but this may be a good thesis statement for the season.
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This season was total garbage, IMO. I mean, bringing Queenie back just to kill her off? That's low, man.

And I don't get why Liz has any fond feelings left toward the Countess at her assisted-suicide scene. That made no sense. Like, did Lady Gaga just throw some weight around on the grounds of "No, I simply must be there to help the trans lady 'transition'." (GET IT?) Because there was no character-based reason for Liz to want the Countess to be the one to do her in.

Also, all of the vampire shit went absolutely nowhere.

I hated everything about this season except Liz and Iris, basically, and even they got stuck with garbage plotlines for the most part.
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