Saturday Night Live: Adam Driver / Chris Stapleton
January 17, 2016 7:42 AM - Season 41, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Adam Driver brings the Star Wars nerdery, Fred Armisen returns to pay tribute to David Bowie, and apparently Liev Schriber is a bit of a freak.
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The Kylo Ren sketch sounds like it should have been dreadful, but it was probably the highlight for me. Well...that and Cecily Strong's kneesocks. That sketch wasn't quite Whiskers R We (ten episodes and no Whiskers R We! whyyyyyyy?), but close enough, all things considered.
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Well...that and Cecily Strong's kneesocks.

You know how they say that a host shapes the sketch selection? Between that one and the (incredibly slow) Aladdin sketch, I would guess that Adam Driver has a thing for Cecily dressup play.
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Chris Mellencamp, amirite?
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Stop Social Puppeteering
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the (incredibly slow) Aladdin sketch

I think that was the only sketch I sort of didn't like very much since it just seemed like it was all about Cecily being uncomfortable and miserable but the little bit t the end "You never talk about it!" was pretty redeeming. This whole episode seemed to mostly have sketches that ENDED which was nice and refreshing. Driver was great and except for no Sasheer (she was in the ending hug, where was she all week?) this was just a great episode.
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I kind of liked it. Adam Driver seemed very game, which is always my favorite kind of show to watch. As usual, the material was just meh, but I did like the Kylo Ren bit.

Kate was absolutely nowhere to be found, which saddened me, as it should you.

I was HIGHLY disappointed in the complete lack of reference to that horrorshow of a Trump rally, but perhaps they decided to not pick on those poor, poor little girls.
posted by St. Hubbins at 1:32 PM on January 19, 2016

I thought this was a good, solid, A-minus performance.

I am a sucker for Vanessa Bayer's "horrid child actress" schtick. And the more Pete Davidson, the better -- his desk piece was great. Pete's performance as the quarterback holding his noodle legs was the only funny thing about that sketch, and his Marco Rubio was the highlight of the debate sketch.

Adam Driver was affable -- like a longfaced Zack Braff, only likable. He seemed pretty comfortable, and wasn't obvious in his cuecard reading.

The Alladin Sketch was meh until the last line. Jessamyn and I agreed on that. Undercover Boss was hilarious. The America's Funniest Cats was my kind of silly. And the gaslighting -- i mean social puppeteering sketch was funny just in the titles of the pranks alone, like how they "Honey I Shrunk The Kids'ed" his brother. (Reminded me of the Bill Hader news reporter sketch a few years ago about Shocking Teenage Trends -- "They call it 'Souping'.")

But: not enough of the female cast beside Cecily. No Sasheer! And Kenan and Jay were underutilized. Also, who is "Joe Rudnitsky"? Joe? Jon? I can still faintly remember that Milheiser kid... Joe needs some good roles. He mighta been better than Beck in the Porn Doctor sketch.

The musical guest was mediocre southern rock someone someone, I felt they coulda busted out like Skynyrd but didn't. Ah well!

But I enjoyed myself. I think overall this season's been pretty great.
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