Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 9 Days
January 20, 2016 6:31 PM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

When Jake tries to raise a lonely/depressed Holt's spirits with a long-abandoned case, they both end up in a nine-day mumps quarantine. With Holt out sick, Terry finds himself in charge of the precinct and unsure of his leadership abilities. Meanwhile, Rosa helps Charles deal with the tragic (mid-humping) death of his beloved dog.
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I enjoyed this episode right up to when my DVR cut off the last 10 seconds and I don't know what Holt gave Peralta and I'm very mad.
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Holt gave Jake a bowl of sour candies, which caused Jake's face to implode in pained gratitude.

TBH, when I heard the concept for the ep I was expecting sort of a retread of last year's "Stakeout", which wasn't quite what we got here. I was somewhat disappointed that they didn't spend more time with Jake and Holt, slowly going fever-crazed with the mumps, all the while following hallucinated leads in the cold case. I admire B99's dedication to giving every character something to do every week, but I would have gladly sacrificed the fairly generic B-plots for a tighter focus on the quarantine. On the other hand, they were a good excuse for some entertaining visual bits, namely Terry's door-slamming destruction of the captain's office, and Arlo the puppy melting through Rosa's cool reserve. Not an all-timer, but entertaining as always.
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Was it the broadest, stupidest and probably least sophisticated episode of the run so far? Yes. Was it among the most hilarious? Yes.
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Plus, for being broad and stupid and overly dependent on fake goiters, it had probably the most natural "[CHARACTER] learns to be more mature" resolution I can remember from B99.
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