Supernatural: The Devil in the Details
January 27, 2016 5:38 PM - Season 11, Episode 10 - Subscribe

With Sam at the mercy of Lucifer, Dean ventures down to Hell to save him. Meanwhile, Castiel looks into the fallout of the massive angel smiting that hit Amara.

This show seriously needs another full time minority in the cast. I was really pulling for geeky asian girl angel but alas...

Oh Castiel... you fool...

And.. oh what the hell I'll do it: DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!
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I didn't have any particular love for Rowena, but it was so disappointingly typical of Supernatural to have her turn inexplicably stupid before they killed her. For her to suddenly treat Lucifer with blind devotion after she's spent her entire run on the show being completely focused on getting the upper hand over Crowley and the Winchesters; it's about as believable as Charlie running off to get killed in a hotel bathtub.

Misha's Mark Pellegrino impersonation, however, was spectacular. Can't wait to see him do it to Dean, that's going to be fun.
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No need for Rowena's death to mean she's off the show, right? There she is, already in Hell. She should be a demon now, like Ruby became.
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When Collins first showed up doing his Pellegrino impression, I had a moment where I genuinely thought they'd put some prosthetics on him or even that they'd found an actor with a similar look to Collins. Part of that was just how weird it was to see Castiel smile and look smarmy, but he seemed truly different somehow. Then he started talking and it was just uncanny.

I'm guessing they thought this one was going to air closer to the holidays. That Christmas morning stuff with Rowena and Crowley would have been hilarious in the promos!
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Collins really did nail the Lucifer impression. It's amazing to remember how his performance as Castiel is a very specific choice by the actor, and that it isn't simply an extension of his natural personality type. I recall some Q&As with J squared where they mentioned being so concerned about working with Collins, as they assumed his interpretation of Castiel closer to who he was a person. Misha Collins is almost a chameleon when you consider his actual personality (or at least the face he puts on for cons/fan interviews, etc etc).
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Yeah, Misha Collins looks like he's going to be having a LOT of fun with that.

Lord, Rowena was just so godawful to watch, so yay for her finally being gone. Weaksauce way to go, though. And of course it was right before she confesses exactly why she hates her child.
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I never got the Rowena hate. She seemed like a character the show's fans would embrace, a sassy, campy ginger witch who liked doing terrible things but wasn't 100% evil all the time. Kind of a female Crowley, come to think of it. There have been a lot of complaints about the show killing off female characters (to which my answer has always been: this show kills everybody) but people seem glad to have this particular female character gone.
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I liked Rowena in the abstract but never liked how she was used in the show. The whole period where she was living with Crowley was awful and made both characters seem weak. I was pumped when they eventually parted ways and I guess it's too bad she didn't have a chance to do much before being female-character-in-Supernaturaled to death.
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I liked Rowena, she added a certain flavor to the show.

The whole period where she was living with Crowley was awful and made both characters seem weak.

I think that was kind of the point. That Crowley was weak because he couldn't just kill his mother, and she was weak because she didn't have the power to just take over Hell.
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I can see that. I guess I don't think the writing was strong enough to make that situation compelling viewing.
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I know that's her natural accent, but her voice was kinda fingernails on a chalkboard to me. For that matter, so was her behavior. She was rather insufferable and awful around Crowley and it wasn't cute/funny/touching...whatever they were going for. Just like, "gawd, kill her already and she makes Crowley look bad."
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I liked Rowena well enough, and I thought Ruth Connell played her very well. (I didn't know until recently that she's actually over a decade younger than Mark Sheppard. I guess they played the mother-son dynamic well enough that I dumbly assumed she had to be older than him and she was just an unusually youthful-looking older lady.) But I'd agree that there was something frustrating about her scenes with Crowley. Crowley is more fun when he's smug, frustrated and sputtering isn't a good look on him.

I wouldn't be too surprised if we do see Rowena again, though... because if anybody's going to hell, it's Rowena. (Although if she did, I'm not sure how that would play out. Would Crowley just send her off to be tortured forever?)

The corridors of hell looked kind of Party City. It was a great big set, probably relatively expensive for this show, and it wasn't designed badly. But they needed to turn down the lights a little so we couldn't see the texture of the plastic so clearly.
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