Horace and Pete: Horace and Pete, Season 1
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Released without warning or fanfare on Saturday January 30th, Horace and Pete is a new (television? web?) show from Louis CK. The first episode clocks in at just over an hour and is available through his website for $5. It is not known if there will be more episodes, or how many. Reviews from the New York Times, the New Yorker, and the Los Angeles Review of Books were positive.
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I loved the live-stage-production feel of this, right down to small flubs and audio issues being left in. Although I'd be perfectly happy if it were a one-off, I look forward to more. If there are going to be more.
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Well worth the 5 bucks and hour to watch it. I hope he does more, because it's a great setup for some great at the bar commentary.
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Louis talks about the show and its provenance. There is more coming.
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And the next episode will be $2, and the rest (however many that is) will be $3, for whatever that all's worth.
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I was a little disappointed that I didn't like this more... just bitterness all around, it seemed.

A couple of things: I am truly sorry that we haven't seen more of Alan Alda since "M*A*S*H" ... his performances are consistently great and this was no exception. Also, really liked the relationship between Horace and Pete Jr. in terms of the support for a frail family member.

If further episodes develop the character of Pete Sr. -- if he wasn't always a bitter old man, and what happened to make him that way -- I'd tune in just to see Alda work it. So I'll keep an eye out on Fanfare.
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Just watched ep 3. It's a belter. Now hanging out for ep 4.

I've enjoyed Louis's work a great deal for a long time. Horace and Pete is like sipping him black, with a shot of whisky and no sugar.
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Hell yes, that was pretty fantastic.

I don't know how or when or why these were written, but they are little stage plays, in the best possible way, and it's fantastic we get to see them without having to actually go to a theatre.

Laurie Metcalf was fantastic in this, as was Louie, as usual, doing his Louie thing.
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Just watched ep 3 again.

I don't think I've ever felt a desire to do that with a movie or a TV episode before, and only very rarely with a book.

[this is good]
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Okay, just laid out $10 because of you guys. You'd better be right.
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just bitterness all around, it seemed

Deep, abiding bitterness. Like a good beer.
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Just watched the first one - this is really good.
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Episode 6. Christ on a crutch. Still shivering.

Louis CK's comedy is as good as it is mainly because he's such an insightful people watcher. Horace and Pete is what happens when somebody that skilled is no longer restricted by the need to redeem the accumulated awfulness with a belly laugh.

I am not the least bit surprised to find that his latest mailout says that doing this show is the most fun he's ever had. The sheer relief of not having to bottle up what I've just seen come out in Ep 6 must be astonishing.

Holy fuck that was hard to sit through without looking away. Buscemi is just unspeakably horrifyingly superb.

To paraphrase the man himself: if you're not watching Horace and Pete you're missing out, because this shit is thoroughly good.
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Yeah, Ep 6 was truly crushingly brutal. It's very rare that I feel like I can't keep watching something because it's just putting me through the wringer, and this pushed me right up to the edge.

Great great stuff, but definitely not comedy.
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Fuck, it's great seeing Buschemi do something other than a Sandler paycheck role.

My wife thought it was just those guys doing a sunny philly of future-past. Like, she loudly thought CK was being Mac.

Don't know how far I can go with this, though. I really burnt out on Louie and his whiny relationship sagas, even with the moments of brilliance (David Lynch as a comedy coach!).

Edie Falco is great, albeit in a "hated for being sensible" role again.
Alan Alda, just ... wow. I can't not see him as Hawkeye, but I can't see Hawkeye saying such things.

A friend of mine dislikes his humor, as he alternates between saying what an idiot he is and handing down life lessons, and I really feel that when he starts writing politics, too much golden mean. Why stand for Something when that Something is nothing?
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Yeah, this keeps getting better and better. It certainly is hard to watch at times. But it's worth the effort.

Also, I appreciate the actual mayor of NYC discussing the possibility of the NYC police force taking on the french military.

Seriously though, the casting is fucking amazing.

I mean, getting Paul fucking Simon to do the theme song.
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Ep 10 is the finale.

Fucking hell.
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Fucking hell indeed.
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My dude stopped watching around episode 6 because it was "too dark". I have been telling him about subsequent episodes, usually beginning with "well, can you imagine it getting _even_ _darker_". Somehow it got the most dark, and then it got darker still.

We had some really good discussions about it, though. I keep wondering what moved Mr. C. K. to do this, what his focus was.
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I'm about to start episode 5; is anyone else watching? I'm finding it really interesting, some observations in no particular order (avoiding specific spoilers).

- Alan Alda as Uncle Pete is great, and his character is great. You don't often see an angry bigot presented with nuance, but episode 4 particularly managed it. I love his relationship with Marsha.

- I find Horace's daughter perhaps the most painful character so far. She is so young and is trying so hard to appear to be together, be the adult.

- My least favourite bits are the set pieces with the barflies. Too often they feel bunged in to make a point about America Today, whereas the most interesting part of the series to me is the reflections on family, relationships, on growing up and growing out, and how we undercut ourselves and each other. That said, the mansplaining in episode 4 was crude but hilarious.

- I've found how women are handled quite interesting. It's acute but I found it distancing, as though they are being watched from the outside by Horace. Maybe because to date we've had 2-3 monologues by women talking about their relationships, while so far the men just bumble around trying to make sense of how they feel and why.

- Can I say how much I appreciate that people of all ages and degrees of attractiveness can have a sex life, enjoy it and be desirable, without judgement or as butts of a joke?

- I also really appreciate how much tenderness there is between people who do genuinely care for each other. I think that's really rare and difficult to show without being mawkish.
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Marc Maron's latest podcast is him talking to Louis for 90 minutes about Horace and Pete. Recommended, if you've seen the series already, or don't plan to but are interested.
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Bar one fairly significant one about Alan Alda's character, they keep it largely spoiler-free, at least in terms of details.
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Somewhat belatedly finished the series and reading my comment above from halfway through, having watched episode 6 I have to laugh at what I wrote about tenderness. Also, the barflies grew on me in the second half of the series, as the show's themes picked up strength.

I second the stavrosthewonderchicken's recommendation about the interview on the WTF podcast even if you find the host as excruciating as I do. The stories of the casting process made me laugh. But listen to it after finishing the series.
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Just watched this all the way through in 3 days. Oh my goodddddddddddd this shit was ASTOUNDING.
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Oh Louie why do you have to be so problematic, let me love you.
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Also it was amazing how much they had to say about Trump and Hillary back in the beginning of the year that sounded like it was filmed yesterday.
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