Film Noir?
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Anyone up for a Film Noir club? It could cover classic noir through neonoir. I'm thinking maybe start with a series of exclusively Los Angeles films, including some that have already been posted to FanFare (Chinatown, Inherent Vice, The Big Lebowski, The Long Goodbye, Strange Days, Double Indemnity) and then some that haven't (Kiss Me Deadly, D.O.A., Blade Runner, L.A. Confidential, Farewell My Lovely, Devil in a Blue Dress, the list goes on and on).
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I'd be down for that!

the list goes on and on

It sure as hell does. I compiled a list of some the better regarded noir films once, and it came to over 130 entries. We could go for a long, long time without repeating anything that's already been posted to Fanfare.
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Sweet! I'm not at all opposed to repeating things already on FF. I think it's kind of a cool way to use fanfare-a post has already been made, it's up there perpetually and people can add comments and links as films surface as viewings for different film clubs.

And the Los Angeles idea isn't anything I'm really wedded to other than there are just so many great LA noir films.
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I am all for anything involving film and noir (including Philippe Noiret). Include me in.
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Cool! I've made a club--1st movie set for 2/19 will be the 1945 classic Detour.
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