Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I'm Back At Camp With Josh!
February 7, 2016 12:23 AM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Rebecca bribes her way into a camp getaway to give a feminist lecture but really to get closer to Josh. Greg has commitment issues. Daryl makes some desperate moves so he doesn't have to spend the weekend alone.

This is another episode of Rebecca making extreme attempts to put herself next to Josh, but at least she's beyond the denial stage now. This time she makes a large donation to a camp program to give an empowerment lecture to girls. Rebecca has a seemingly endless supply of money and somehow this is not annoying.

Greg is dealing with one of the most cliche of male relationship issues, fear of commitment. Hector and White Josh's armchair psychology is straight to the point of the matter. However after Greg runs into his childhood/kindergarten crush he is able to realize that commitment issues must be overcome. He buys a "Commitment for Idiots" book.

Daryl is lonely because he is without his daughter for a weekend and invites over Josh's friends to watch a Pay-per-View boxing match. His desperation for a good party leads him to hiring women to come to the party. Surprisingly this works and doesn't embarrassingly blow up for him.

Rebecca shares an old love letter to Josh, which doesn't rekindle feelings of love but helps Josh feel empowered and believed in. Not exactly what Rebecca wanted, but it does end up helping her.

Other Thoughts -

* After this show dropped any opportunity to have women support each other in previous episodes it was nice to see the girls in this episode be actually sympathetic and help Rebecca.

* Valencia's box drink says "Boxed Water Is Better."

* A couple of new songs this episode, which were the highlight as usual:
"If it's just for myself shouldn't I be comfortable?"

* The photographer in "Put Yourself First" was wearing a shirt that said "Male Gaze."

* "Taraji's my everything."

* I joked about Daryl and White Josh One True Pair last week, but this show is taking that comment seriously it seems.
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Put Yourself First is one of the show's best songs, not least because of the Terry Richardson look-a-like and its riff on Fifth Harmony.
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boxed water is a real product, it wasn't a gag.
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I've seen a bit of the show here and there, but Put Yourself First sold me. Genius.
posted by Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish at 6:56 AM on February 8, 2016

boxed water is a real product, it wasn't a gag.

Well today I learned boxed water is a thing.

And while it wasn't a "gag," you can't tell me the writers put that in there because they thought it was a completely normal average drink that wasn't funny at all and normal people buy.
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Most of this was cringey embarrassment, but there were some surprisingly touching moments. Go figure.
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OMG DARYL AND WHITE JOSH, I somehow saw that coming and STILL did not see that coming!
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I thought about it- I totally saw the Daryl side of things coming, did not see White Josh being into it coming.
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