The Muppets: A Tail Of Two Piggies
February 10, 2016 6:06 AM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Piggy has a red carpet wardrobe malfunction, much to the dissatisfaction of Sam The Eagle and the network. Meanwhile, Pepe and Rizzo try to help Gonzo forget Camilla by finding him a new place.
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I haven't watched yet but just saw this piece of dialogue quoted on a blog:

Sam Eagle: The One Million Angry Parents Association is protesting.
Kermit (looking out the window): I only see three of them.
Sam Eagle: They like to round up.

LOL. I dunno if everyone knows this but there is indeed a group that styles itself "One Million Moms" that's been protesting this new "perverted" Muppets show since it first aired.
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Wikipedia tells me that One Million Moms (and One Million Dads) are efforts of the American Family Association, a non-profit organization based in the United States that promotes fundamentalist Christian values. For a look back, here's a list of 8 "hilarious" protests OMO launched in 2013 (against Glee, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for featuring performers from the hit Broadway production and LGBT-affirming “Kinky Boots,” NBCs “Dracula” for the chance it might "warp the minds of our youth," depiction of a family with lesbian mothers on TV, K-Mart for using sexy dancing to sell Joe Boxer underwear, a talking pig in a Geico ad leading children to bestiality, pretty much everything about 666 Park Avenue, and ditto Naked and Afraid).

With that track record, I can see how this show (and really, the original The Muppet Show, too) would upset them greatly. When Maxwell the the genital-free Piggy could pervert our youth, being comfortable with anyone being OK with themselves (especially with their curly piggy tails) is going to set off a million klaxons.

That said, this was a decent episode. No Denise, so no weird Kermit-Piggy-Denise tension, and I support any "be happy with who you are" messages. It felt very much like the Muppets replaced 30 Rock characters, which was OK, I guess.
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I am so glad they finally got around to explaining the absence of Camilla. She's not a great character on her own, but she's such a part of Gonzo's identity.

I would not have gotten the subtext of the One Million Angry Parents, although the joke itself was good enough. Thanks for the explanation, dnash (and props to FLT for the extended details).

Overall, I thought this episode was okay, but only okay.
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Did everyone really run out of steam writing about The Muppets? The arc of the last few episodes of the season was really satisfying, but maybe I'm just the odd man out for loving the path this show's taken.
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