Project Runway: Remixing an American Classic
August 15, 2014 10:50 AM - Season 13, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Are you ready for some Red Robin? This episode takes us to Red Robin where servers in different vintage suits come parading out. After a spiel about how great Red Robin is, we learn that today's challenge is the designers have to use the suits to make a fresh new look. Twist, Sandhya gets to pick which suit each designer has to use. Make it work!
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Was the job title of the Red Robin guy really VP of Brand Transition?!
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Also, I hate that Amanda won with a dress that was pretty much the same unconventional challenge ropes-as-fringe dress she made a couple weeks ago. They should have given it to Kini for that amazing pinstriped dress.
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I fear the product placement is getting out of hand. We're lucky all they mentioned was having the designers snack on "bottomless fries" instead of having them design an outfit inspired by bottomless fries.
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Amanda's dress felt like something that would have been panned by the judges in the past.
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Kini was robbed!
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They must not have gotten a sponsorship from any tablets this year. The past few years they've shown (and mentioned, over and over....) the tablets the designers are sketching on. This year they're sketching on paper! With pencils! So far, anyway.

Amanda's dress was very much the same in overall design as her last winner. The drippy fringe. I still like her aesthetic overall; day glam with a boho spin. I dislike her and her false modesty but I do like her designs.

Kini's dress was amazing. So architectural. I would wear the hell out of that.

Love how Tim mentioned it was a high fashion challenge, and to use the Aldo wall thoughtfully. Then they pan to the Aldo wall and zero in on a pair of purple bedazzled trainers. That's some high fashion shit right there. It's the little things.
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mathowie: Was the job title of the Red Robin guy really VP of Brand Transition?!

No, that would be silly. He was the VP of Brand Transformation.

Dr. Zira : I fear the product placement is getting out of hand.

I'm afraid the time that product placement was getting out of hand is long gone. In one season they did a challenge where they had to design uniforms for the employees at Susan Sarandon's table tennis club, which was called "Balls out" or something like that. They once did a challenge where they had to hand out samples of frozen yogurt to passers by and get them to describe the taste and then get inspired to make a look based on the adjectives these passers-by used to describe the frozen yogurt. My recollection of the details may be off, but you get the idea.

Since he had so much time leff I wish Kini would have made the thick/thin lines of the suit fabric match where they met in the middle. More wishes: I'm hoping Samantha will "turn up the volume" as they say on PR. Her looks have (to me) looked nice & well made, but not particularly exciting. And I hope Sean get it together as well. And I'm starting to warm up to Fade, who I was poised to hate because of his name. He's made some interesting looks, and I really liked what he made this week.

And I called it: Amanda is the judges' favorite. She will definitely be in the final, no matter what she makes in the coming challenges.
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Not a huge Amanda fan, but I have to give this one to her: I think her look was the most interesting and "high fashion". It looked a mess in the workroom but it came together by the runway show. A lot of people really played it safe; lots of sleek clean black and ready-to-wear type looks. Kini's look was great but I agree that it's been seen before.

I watch PR on Friday nights and always try to put off reading this thread until I've at least seen the runway show. I read to spoil and there were no spoilers in who gets kicked off in this thread! I figured, oh well, I guess that's just because it's super obvious who goes. Buh-bye.
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Fuse's look was great, and didn't get the appreciation it deserved.
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Hernan was griping about his 'polyester' fabric but I'll bet all those godawful tuxes were poly. At least his was white. I was surprised that the judges didn't ream him out for the chopped off hem. His was easily the worst garment.

OTOH, the guy with the deconstructed skirt did not deserve to be in the bottom. He had one of the most abhorrent fabrics, light brown wide wale corduroy. He did a good job disguising it, I liked the sweater-girl top. The skirt was too rough but he chose good fabrics to pair with the corduroy.

Fade did an incredible job, his dress was stunning. I hope in the second half of the season, he rises to the fore after the judges tire of toying with Amanda and Sandhya.
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I loved that deconstructed skirt. I would love to own it. It was such a clever way to disguise the hiddy fabric. Fade's dress definitely did deserve more attention.
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Can we just call Fäde, Gunter? I mean, that's not a name! It's a song, but it's not a name.

Anyway, as much as the affectation of his name bugs the shit out of me, his dress was far and away the prettiest, most flattering and most wearable of the bunch.

Hernan was a total asshole. First of all Sandhya had to give each suit to someone, she tried to be thoughtful about it, but at the end of the day, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. Hernan deserved to go for his terrible dress, but more for his terrible attitude.
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That was a coooooold Tim Gunn farewell!

I'm enjoying the segment with the judges reviewing the dresses sans designer the most. There's something very interesting about watching professionals discuss and critique work. I'd rather see that for each dress than shots of people bent over sewing machines or staring at bolts of fabric.
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Gosh I also really loved Fade's look. When I saw it come down the runway I said "wow, I want a skirt like that!" I thought the mix of patterns was really interesting.

Yeah, a little disappointed that Amanda won. I guess I liked it and I understand why they picked her, but I thought there was way too much fringe. Also when the judges critiqued it and said, "See, she knows how to create movement." I lost it. To me, fringe does not equal a creative way to make movement.
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With the way sponsorship is going, by the end of the run, the final prize will be designing a new uniform for Burger King and the accessory wall will be sponsored by Claire's.
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I finally got around to google translating Fade zu Grau's name and I have to admit it colors how I feel about his work.

'Fade to grey'
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I wonder if the lack of tablets is because the designers were still shown using pencil and paper too often. Being handed a new technology (for some) and especially new software in fast-paced, high stakes arena was too much of a time-sink for the designers. For rough sketches, pencil and paper is faster.

It also means there probably won't be a design-your-own fabric this season which is a shame.
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Ha! The upcoming episode was just spoiled by Heidi herself!

Somewhere a production assistant who can't read a calendar has been fired.
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HP is no longer a sponsor, so no tablets. Also, probably no fabric design challenge this year.

I also noticed that they don't have an credit sequence with all the designers this year, they just label them when they first appear. And, the judging is so hypocritical I wonder how Nina Garcia can sleep at night. Argh, this program! I can't look away even if it hurts.

That said, I'm just learning to sew and Fade's outfit was very inspiring to me.
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How was the next episode spoiled? I missed that.
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Heidi worn the winning designer's dress on the red carpet for the Creative Arts Emmy Awards this weekend which means we all know who wins on Thursday.

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Oh I saw that. I assume it's Amanda's design. Because fringe.
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It's not Amanda's but I'm fully expecting her to complain all episode long about someone copying her look.
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I was wondering about that! Silly Heidi.
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Someone on Twitter described Amanda's hideous fucking fringe winning design as 'Bohemian Crapsody'. Perfect.
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Glad I'm not the only one who thought Fade to Grey was robbed - his design was so interesting and cool and deserved way more attention. Considering the pathetic washers on strings thing that somehow won the movie challenge, and that cacaphonic fringy thing winning over the Hawaiian guy (not to mention FZG), I can't help but think that the fix is in for Amanda. Plus her starting suit was one of the best of the bunch, I thought; she could have done so much more with that fuzzy pink floral print.
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Spoiler. Looks like the Kiwi's design I'd guess (cf. his straw dress).
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I'm getting really sick of Amanda, but the elimination was so spot-on in this episode. From his whining, you'd think that Sandhya had scripted the episode and come up with the whole suit challenge, not just picked out one of several bad options. And I guess the judges had so much to say they didn't even need to point out the unevenly cut off hem.
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Oh, dear. Hernan was So Awful, it seemed to me that even his model couldn't stand him. I was glad to see him decisively booted. I liked Amanda's dress, but thought Kini should have won. I liked Alexander's and Fäde's dresses very much, too – and also Sandhya's quite a lot, especially from the back.

Also I was kind of busy being distracted and covetous of Bethany Mota's cool shoes.
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