Mad Men: Severance   Rewatch 
February 14, 2016 7:50 PM - Season 7, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Don avoids his reflection. Ken has opinions. Joan makes an impression. Peggy has the veal.

Harry gets a new office. Megan loses an earring. Pete gets some new accounts.
Joan goes shopping. Peggy goes on a date. Don experiences difficulties.
Ken's father-in-law takes up cooking. Don finds a new neighborhood diner. President Nixon makes a speech.
Don dances on the carousel of bachelorhood. Peggy dances towards Paris. People wonder if this is all that there is.
Don has some phone messages. Peggy swaps meals. Ken learns about karma.
Ken runs into his old boss. Roger pays for dinner. Pete struggles with tax planning.
Don buys coffee. Peggy forgoes cannelloni. Joan contemplates pyromania.
Peggy has a long dinner. Ken thinks about his future. Don sees an old flame.
Men are sexist. Clothes are ugly. Vietnam drags on.
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It's Rewatch Time!
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McCann makes the same offer that's been made since time immemorial: Everything you're ever wanted, for everything that makes it worthwhile.
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Listening this on headphones. In the diner, "Is that all there is" is playing as Muzak in the background
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Not very complimentary - references to McCann Erickson's culture in this episode. We should, of course, remember that McCann is very much a real ad agency. And there is an interesting side note about how they handled their name check in Mad Men.
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