MoonOrb, you are on a roll!
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MoonOrb, are you going to post every film ever made and watched?! I am so curious about your string of posts... Is this an art project? Are you just a completist? What is it all about?!
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One post a day since the last day of January, with a couple two'fers thrown in for good measure.
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Ha-thanks. I've thought for a while that FanFare is great for episodic things like television shows and podcasts, but isn't so fantastic for movies. When movies are new releases they can often become overwhelming megathreads, and when they aren't new releases, people don't pay much attention and there's not a whole lot of interesting commentary by MeFites. So I thought I'd start making some movie posts that could provide a landing spot for people who were fans of those movies, but combine it with a little bit of added material so people would also have a chance to learn a little more about the movies they like. The best FanFare posts, to me, have always been those that offer a lit bit more than "here's a movie-discuss!" so I just figured I'd start filling in the catalog of movies and see if it went over well enough.

With the exception of things posted to the Film Noir club (which people should join because so many great movies are available for free! and it's fun!-we're watching The Big Combo this week, which is well-known for its cinematography and iconic ending shots), I've been aiming to put up a movie a day, and a few weeks ago I thought I'd focus for a while on movies from the 1990s. If this is an okay place to ask people who post movies if they'd be willing to add a "decade tag" (like 1990s, 2010s, etc), that would be kind of neat.

Anyway-I hope this is well-received and I'd be really stoked if people got into thinking about movies they enjoyed or thought flew under the radar a little or were interesting for some other reason and stuck them up on FanFare along with a few links for additional reading or viewing.

Thanks for noticing!
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These are good posts!

This is way too frequent for me to participate all at once, but I'll come back to them as I watch them.
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It's like you've been hitting all my favorite movies from my teen years. Nostagia FTW!
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