Legends of Tomorrow: Marooned
March 4, 2016 5:26 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

When the group receives a distress call from another timeship, Rip decides to answer it, despite warnings from the rest of the team that it seems like a trap.
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A mixed bag as usual - ugh to the Kendra/Ray insta-relationship, not thrilled with the backstory for Rip's wife. But loved a lot of the rest of the episode -- Garber being adorkable, another good group fight sequence, Snart/Sara bonding, and the tragedy of Snart/Rory.

I was shocked by that ending. I mean, it's the Arrowverse, so, the likelihood of Mick being dead for all time is pretty low, maybe he didn't even get freeze-rayed at all and it's just a cliff-hanger setup for more fighting next week. But either way, it's the end of their partnership, and it was dramatic.
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Literally everything that went bad in this episode is Rip Hunter's fault.
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ugh to the Kendra/Ray insta-relationship

I actually think it makes some sense? Hot off "we're fated to be together if you'd just realize it" the guy who gives you some room to breath must seem really appealing.

My favorite part of the show (as is most people's, I think) is the Sara/Snart dynamic, and I liked how Mick as the third part of that relationship, but I really do not need him and Captain Cold to have Problems. If he's dead that's fine with me. Let Snart get back to being cool.*

I also didn't need Rip Hunter's wife to be the woman who sacrifices herself for her husband and in general the Hunter character is not one I care about. It makes the mission as a whole hard to care about, but I've been enjoying enough of the other stuff to keep watching.

Honestly, what I wanted out of this show was a series of heist movies in different period costumes and the sooner they get back to that, the better.

*All puns completely intended.
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I couldn't watch it, I think I am about done. Caity Lotz' Canary is still the best and some of the other characters are good too but there are too many I don't care about *at all*.
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I was having a lot of trouble suspending disbelief. Look at those arms.
Those are literally the arms of a 17 year old South Korean Starcraft Pro. How am I supposed to believe that Hunter punched someone out?
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Literally everything that went bad in this episode is Rip Hunter's fault.

Argh, Rip Hunter is The Worst. This episode was super effective at demonstrating what an abject failure he is. Among the problems I counted:
- He didn't take even one precaution when boarding the Acheron, hasn't even told the group about time pirates or Time Master tactics, or anything that might help them when doing that sort of thing.
- He deliberately separated Firestorm before stepping on board, preferring an old guy and a kid to a walking nuclear blaster in the face of possible adversity.
- He had to know Gideon was going to stop getting security updates when the Time Masters revoked his clearance, and he had *no* plan to get them. It seems it didn't occur to him that he might not snag Savage in the first try or two.
- He's brooding instead of soliciting help from his shipmates, and generally treats them all like garbage.
- Even his backstory hates him, demonstrating plainly that he should've been the one to quit the Time Masters.

Other stuff:
* White Canary/Captain Cold need their own show, where they team up and fight crime. That's the spinoff I now want.

* I found the Hawkgirl/Ray romance believable under the circumstances, but I'm still annoyed. She needs a real plotline.

* Poor Mick. After Norway and everything.
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Oh, another Rip failing:
Didn't even give the crew shore leave someplace relatively harmless, preferring to spend a week so wrapped up in futile brooding that Mick is *literally throwing knives at the wall in frustration* and he doesn't seem to know or care.

Truly, he is a credit to the Time Masters.
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Mick is *literally throwing knives at the wall in frustration* and he doesn't seem to know or care

Sara/Snart/Rory are? were? the core of the team that I love(d), and if Mick's gone for good I will blame Rip foreverrrr. Mick was blatantly unhappy and on edge, but he was still acting like a goddamn team member: he volunteered for a mission, fought against the pirates, STOPPED fighting when Jax was threatened, even reassured Jax that it wasn't his fault they were captured. Mick was looking for a way to break all of them free.

Until Rip Fuckboy Hunter freaks out and screams abusive word-vomit at Mick for no possible reason than that Rip is frustrated and Mick's a convenient hatesink.

Jesus fuck, you arrogant selfish unspeakable asshole, it's your own fault you were captured in an obvious trap. I'd hand you over to the Time Pirates too.

I love this show and am enjoying it likely more than many of the people here watching it, but now I'm actively praying for Rip's sudden horrible death.
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I can't believe that Rip's disposable backstory wife went for the obnoxious cliché "I suddenly realized I don't want this exciting job, at which you suck and I'm amazing, because I loooove you," instead of the somewhat-more-palatable cliché "I have to run and hide from our sinister superiors because I'm pregnant with our secret forbidden lovechild."
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WTF are time pirates?
Do they specifically raid the "time vortex"?
Do they raid past, present and future? And if so why hasn't history collapsed?

And, if so, why to the Time Lords permit them? Or are they all as useless as Captain Rory and Boba Chronos?
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If I keep watching this, it will be hate-watching, which is something I rarely/never do.
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This show is a mess. I'm not really sure why I keep watching. Why wasn't firestorm activated? Why was the professor so good at fighting? Why do they call him The Professor like so much gilligan's island?

Snart's scenes are the only good ones. I did like how how Snart was doing a modern-day Old Yeller. "He's my dog, I'll shoot him." (I think Mick is still alive.) The scene where they were dying was almost palatable dialogue and acting.

I think they are missing a round of story editing, or they are doing this ad hoc each week. Perhaps they have multiple writers that don't coordinate? The show runner is not spending enough time on this series.

They need to go full tilt on something. I wish everything was way darker. Oh Captain My Captain guy should be a full on alcoholic and very mean. He's clearly a dick, they make him completely fall apart and be mean. They are willing to kill characters, I wish they were using that better.

I have no interest in the romance between hawkblah and antman. Both of them are just goody-goody boring characters.
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Thinking about it some more, I'm pretty certain that Mick is not dead - it would be out of character for Snart and a bad story choice (and imdb has him listed for 16 episodes) - my only worry comes from how god-awful so much of the writing is on this show. I can't imagine what they're going to come up with as Snart's solution to the problem that will be plausible/satisfying.

nicebookrack, thank you for linking to the Cold to my Flash tumblr in last episode's thread, loving all the gifs & analyses.

Rip is the worst. Maybe they can kill him off and replace him with an alternate timeline less-of-a-complete-disaster Rip Hunter. Or maybe an alternate timeline where he became the stay-at-home-Dad who got fridged for Miranda and let her take a crack at running the Waverider.
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Or maybe an alternate timeline where he became the stay-at-home-Dad who got fridged for Miranda and let her take a crack at running the Waverider.

I would be so much happier with that show.
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I am starting a Tumblr called The Inevitable Callum Keith Rennie: any SF TV show shot in Canada gets a countdown clock, which keeps going until INEVITABLE CALLUM KEITH RENNIE.
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Then I am starting a Tumblr called The Inevitable Roger Cross!

(And I have just discovered that Billy Tallent from Hard Core Logo was the Cylon Leoben Conoy in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.
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IIRC actor Dominic Purcell missed filming for a few episodes while he was getting treated for skin cancer. So I don't think he's really dead, but I do think we'll sadly be spending several episodes without him.
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Aha! Spoiler: Look at the cast list for episode 12.
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Anyone who has ever read a comic book (or watched a soap opera) knows that no one's dead unless you see a body.

I guess this was the bottle episode? Changing the lighting of the Waverider set to make it be the "other" ship was a nice cheap solution that didn't look cheap; points there. But separating Jax and Stein is just stupid on the face of it. Stein suddenly being an asskicking commando was cute and all, but really only makes sense if the space pirates are just shitty randos who can't fight when you have the drop on them. That doesn't seem to be the case, since they fought half a dozen actual superhuman opponents and nearly won. From what we saw, though, Sara should have been able to annihilate them all herself in five seconds. I'm not sure what happened here, writing-wise.
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On the plus side, next week it Joe Dante's episode (and it seems to be a mid-series finale).
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I'm not sure what happened here, writing-wise.

I believe you have identified the show's tagline, sadly.
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I was just coming here to point out Joe Dante's upcoming episode. Fucking A right! I can't wait.
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Of course Stein would be an ass-kicker! He was Jack Bristow in another life, after all.

On the other hand, it made some sense to separate Firestorm? Jax does tend to hurl fireballs left and right. Not sure if that's really the best thing to do in an enclosed space ship. Didn't Rory say something to that extent? That he couldn't do anything because a fire gun is beyond dangerous and useless on the Wave Rider?
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Jax does tend to hurl fireballs left and right.

Is this a problem?

I mean Rory and Snart fire, ... er... fire and ice all over the place, and it has NO IMPACT. At all.
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The whole time Stein is running around alone, I was thinking "oh man, once he and Jax get back together, the pirates are gonna be so screwed!" They had Stein and Jax standing next to each other expectantly in a corridor full of bad guys and I thought for sure that the Big Plan was a Firestorm reveal to turn the tables with a display of overwhelmingly superior force.

And instead they casually murdered the whole pirate crew. Even Ollie would be like, woah dudes, time to dial it back.

The writers keep forgetting the rules of their own story, or hoping that we'll forget. And the worst part is, it'd be so easy to fix this stuff. Just have somebody say that Firestorming on board is too dangerous, or show goons chasing the team away from Savage's fresh corpse in the ballroom. The writers are either lazy or think we're stupid. Maybe... maybe I am? I do keep watching this show, after all.
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And the worst part is, it'd be so easy to fix this stuff.

Yeah. If I had a nickel for every time I had to say that about a show or movie...

Personally, I think including so many heavy hitters is a big part of the mistake - it's clear they *wanted* a story with a lot of subterfuge and guile, but they stacked the deck with heroes like Firestorm and Hawkgirl who should be completely steamrolling the normal opposition they keep throwing at the team.

Maybe... maybe I am? I do keep watching this show, after all.

Eh. For what it's worth, 'morbid fascination' drives probably half my overall media consumption, and 'hope' accounts for most of the times I've caught the first season of any genre based television show. Sometimes it pans out, and when it doesn't, well, complaining can be fun too.
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This is a good show to watch while I'm browsing. When I hear some action I watch, then back to browsing :-)
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Hi, it's me the traveler from the future. Catching up on the series a year or two late. It's funny to read so many comments hating on the show. There is indeed much bad here, Rip Hunter is the worst. And yet somehow the show survived and (I hope) got better. I wonder how many folks in this post saying "I'm gonna stop watching" stuck with it and now like the show.

Anyway I'm here mostly to call out the fight choreography. It was very good. Looks like the Arrow producers had some downtime and loaned the fight coordinator to the Legends or something. The previous episode too; it had a big ballet fight scene. This one was more close quarters and intimate but very nicely done.

Time pirates!
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