Saturday Night Live: Jonah Hill / Future
March 6, 2016 9:24 AM - Season 41, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Jason Sudeikis brings the Mormonized fury as Mitt Romney in the cold open, and Jonah Hill serves as the punching bag for virtually every other joke, from a questions-from-the-audience segment in the monologue to two separate skits about him shitting himself.

I never thought I'd be saying this, but The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With At A Party (in her first appearance this season) is dead. Let her die.
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Viva la Girl You Wish! I never thought I'd be saying this, but Update had almost every line in the episode that actually made me laugh. Jesus, this was terrible. Update was great, though (it's probably wrong, but Che comparing Ben Carson's junk to that of Lenny from Of Mice and Men had me on the floor in tears), and The Weeknd appearing with Future was awesome. I can't think of a good sketch, though. Was there one? Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon had fun characters in the murder mystery sketch (AKA "the second sketch about Jonah Hill shitting himself"), but the sketch itself was...well, it goes without saying. And Kyle Mooney. Fuck. Is he just a really good writer or something? He sucks the life right out of the room. I presume Jonah Hill owed him a favor; this was the most they've shown Mooney all season, and it was a good reminder of why we haven't seen him more.
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Kind of takes the sting out of your Trump attacks when the next sketch is about how scary Arabs are.
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Yeah, that Arabs-buying-everything sketch was questionable. It definitely had echos of John Belushi's "How much for your women" bit at the restaurant in The Blues Brothers. Though, I suppose you could look at the SNL sketch as a commentary on how Americans will cast aside their values when enough money is thrown at them, even when it comes to Middle East evilz..

The Vanessa Bayer/Kate McKinnon bit during Weekend Update was fun to watch if only because they were both trying really hard to get the other one to break. McKinnon came real close to busting-out laughing, and you could see her working hard to contain it through clenched lips. I almost got the feeling the sketch was a last minute thing, maybe even improved.

But, overall...meh. Has Jonah Hill really hosted four times now? I mean, he's pretty good at playing a very particular character in movies, but I thought he was pretty unremarkable here.
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Jonah Hill, please retire your "I'm going to use a stereotypically effeminate voice and that's the sole comedy effort I'm making for this sketch" crap. IT'S NOT FUNNY.
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Such range!
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With that many OJ jokes I was kind of hoping for a Norm MacDonald visit to Weekend Update.
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Excellent impersonation work from Jay Pharoah for the secret meeting of black comedians.

News of the Future was good for a quick chuckle, even if it was just Weeknd Update from earlier in the season all over again.

Not really standout sketches this week (or at least, not in a good way). The Trump ad was probably the best thing that wasn't part of Weekend Update.
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I'm assuming Colin Jost and John Mulaney are friends? The way Jost writes and delivers a lot of his jokes reminds me a LOT of Mulaney.
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