Broad City: 2016
March 17, 2016 1:28 AM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Ilana finds her new calling; Abbi must deal with going to the DMV.
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Guest appearances from Cynthia Nixon, Alan Alda and Rachel Dratch ? YES !!

Oh, and some politician also shows up :-)
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God dammit, Broad City, don't just go and tell everyone about the appointments! You're gonna ruin it for the rest of us!
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I usually loath political cameos but Ilana and Abbi's enthusiasm really sold this for me. I loved Ilana as the bike messenger.
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maybe they just really like Alan Alda? he had no problem being portrayed as a rascist, mysoginist, cantankerous crank on louis ck's "horace and pete"
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Something that I noticed during this episode is that this season feels a lot more like Abbi and Ilana having separate adventures (even last week, when they were both at the party, they weren't around each other that much) than we've seen previously. There has always been some of that on this show, but it just feels like, other than the first episode, they've been spending a lot of time apart. I don't know if that's trying to say something about post-college friendships or if it's just easier or what. I guess, though, as fun as this season has been so far, I miss Abbi & Ilana getting into trouble together.
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What I thought was really funny was at the beginning of this episode, my husband said Ilana's outfit was the least weird thing she has worn all season (she had the grey jacket over her outfit), then she gets on the subway and nope! just as weird as the other stuff.

I loved subway routine so much. She really went all in. I laughed soooooo hard.

Think Hillary may be trying to connect with young women?
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Was that the first time a presidential candidate was ever involved in a pegging joke?
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"I pegged."

And then I died.
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Alan Alda. So great.
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Wasn't the most laugh out loud one I've seen so far but I did enjoy the coconut bra and the pegging...
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