What books should we read in what order?
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This thread is to discuss what books / media we should discuss in what order and when.
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I've posted up an event for Hitchhikers guide, so I'll post the actual book thread on 1st April.

Hithchikers and Discworld seem like the elephants in the room, so I think it makes sense to start off there.
I think it probably makes sense to scatter the big names in with some lesser known ones, rather than keep the series together.

This thread is the place to post suggestions for reading orders and suchlike though.
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Dimension of Miracles by Robert Sheckley
"The funniest science fiction novel ever written... it ranks among the half-dozen best novels the field has produced."

I haven't read this, but I'm going to add it to my reading queue (and thus this clubs queue).
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Oops, I should've posted a new book by now.

So, any thoughts?
Should I continue Pratchett or Adams?
Or go with someone else? Holt, Rankin, Aspirin, Sheckley, Someone else?
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Inspired by the end of the Dirk Gently TV Show (and because I'm currently re-reading the book) I thought I'd kick off Long Dark Tea-time of the soul, 1st Jan next year.
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