Discussion format for longer HP books
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Getting a feel for how people want to discuss the longer Harry Potter books.

Now that we're headed to Goblet of Fire and the rest of the HP series, I want to check if people would like to keep the one post for the entire book format or try splitting the books in half so that they are more manageable (and presumably a more thorough conversation is had).

I'm not particularly biased either way but I'll probably keep to one post per book unless others want a chapter by chapter post that paces the discussion out more (similar to the ASoIaF threads).
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I think it won't work to split them in half. Most of us aren't rereading them, so it may be hard for people to remember which half of the book things occurred in.
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Sorry I missed this. Fanfare's layout is still weird to me. Anyway, I vote we keep it to one post per book. The threads are already relatively short and many people seem to make general commentary, I think splitting them up would just make things less coherent.
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