Daredevil: Semper Fidelis
March 19, 2016 8:50 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Murdock and Foggy take on the DA in the trial of the century, but their client refuses to play along. Murdock struggles to balance his dual identities.
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I stopped watching half way through this ep because it was pissing me off. DD, you do NOT sit shirtless on a couch next to your former lover letting her suggestively trace her fingers along your scars if you are actually serious about another person. Put on a shirt, sit in a chair, hell, kick her out and tell her you will discuss things more with her at a later time. Seriously douchetastic move.
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This is where I got to last night. On the one hand, the different threads are flying off in different directions and it's getting confused. Ihave to sit through the courtroom scenes patiently, as I've very little interest in that sort of thing - this should be the opposite of real life: less legal negotiation, more punching!

On the other hand, why are the Yakuza (who may not be the Yakuza) digging a bloody great hole? (If that's actually the next episode - which I'm pretty sure it's not, but it's all gone a bit vague - apologies. Forget the bloody great hole.)
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The hole was in this episode, so no worries. But guys, there is no rush to comment here - let's please try to avoid accidentally releasing spoilers about Yakuza holes ;)

A commenter on a previous episode mentioned that fans of The Flash wouldn't stand for this whole 'I won't tell my girlfriend about my secret identity' thing (and yes, it's always 'girlfriend'), which is true; at the same time, we have the whole saga of Karen not talking about her killing. Which is understandable and yet infuriating when it's being drawn out so long.

Wasn't a big fan of the fight scene with the train. Seemed perfunctory.
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Yeah, it's the fact that Karen and Matt are both keeping a big secret from each other that keeps this from feeling like it's gone entirely 'Iris West 2: Deception Boogaloo' for me.
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I stopped watching half way through this ep because it was pissing me off.

I did too, two or three times, but for me it was the lack of professionalism about the case. Either you give a shit about it or not. Either you can care enough to set an alarm clock and be on fucking time or you can't.

Now I'm wondering if Karen has previously taken more "proactive" measures in dealing with crime. Killing Wesley was pure self-defense, though she might not see it clearly. Is she hinting at something beyond that though? There was that line in season one about knowing what a loaded gun felt like, though I took it for bluster.
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less legal negotiation, more punching!

Different strokes for different folks -- I sat patiently through the punching to get to the courtroom scenes! I like how we see clearly the difficulty Matt is having balancing his legal and extra-legal lives and I think that may have something to do with why Nelson & Murdock couldn't make ends meet earlier in the season.
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Whee, Foggy and Matt fighting again. That was so fun last year.

Seriously, dude, stop toying with your ex and the yakuza and work on your stinkin' case. Everyone should be mad at you.

Damn, Elektra.

Two girls in the hand will soon equal no girls and your hand, buddy.
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Did they really show Matt and Elektra engaging in pillow talk after beating up gangsters? What's the Latin for post-coital but violence instead of sex? In any case, that is definitely what you call emotional cheating. Karen needs to dump his ass yesterday. Although the shot of Matt spacing out in the chair as Elektra sleeps on the couch was oddly moving. Guy's in the eye of the storm.
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And I didn't even remember Karen had a dark secret. What was it?
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She killed Fisk's right hand man last year.
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He was stupid enough to hand her a loaded gun in a meeting to threaten her into submission. She then shot him to his befuddled despair.

I'm also irritated with Matt's treatment of this case. It's this great contradiction between the moral necessity of becoming the Daredevil and protecting the city, but it's violating his own moral responsibility to the Punisher. He's kind of withdrawing into the identity that Elektra is playing upon, and as Foggy pointed out, last time he nearly flunked a semester of law school.

Foggy is stepping up and doing awesome.

I appreciated the visual storytelling at the very end, when Matt doesn't walk Karen to the door, so there's this gulf of space between him on the left at the entrance to the hallway to the door and Karen on the right, about to slip out the door.

Matt's own thought on romance without consideration of removing his shirt at some point in the future kind of drags him into a very selfish world of wanting to pursue a relationship without the thought that he most definitely will either A) tell the truth about who he is and what he does or B) Concoct, continually, ridiculous reasons as to why he has scars and gets fresh wounds. I want this office romance sunk or Karen clued in, otherwise, meh!

p.s. Always enjoy me some Glen Campbell.
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Concoct, continually, ridiculous reasons as to why he has scars and gets fresh wounds.

1. "I'm blind and trip on things."
2. "I live in Hell's Kitchen where everyone's a thug."
Sounds legit.
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Minor thing, but Reyes made an objection to a leading question during Matt's cross. That bugs me. The courtroom stuff is clearly secondary, but try to keep it sort of real.

Otherwise, I'm super interested in the giant hole.
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I loved this episode. I really like how Matt's screwing everything up. Outside of punching people, he's a total fuck-up.
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Metafilter: I'm super interested in the giant hole.
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