New Tricks: Bermondsey Boy
August 19, 2014 7:00 PM - Season 11, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Gerry's mate, Paxton (an ex-con predictably enough), wants him to investigate the death of his grandson, Jake. Apparently, Paxton hid some ill-gotten gains in a building that was going to be torn down. He sends his grandson to retrieve the goods. The grandson falls to his death. Paxton believes a former accomplice, Pelham, followed Jake and killed him.  Gerry also comes to terms with a daughter who is a beat cop, and her marriage to a earnest solicitor. ‎ In a never-before-seen plot twist, DCI Miller sharks the guys at pool.

Dennis Waterman, Gerry, is the last member of the original ‎cast. He and the show suffers from the loss of the others. That was an ensemble that worked well. 
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DCI Miller isn't terribly welcoming to this ex-con. ‎Also, of course Jerry slept with Sara, his mate's ex-wife. 

I like that the show has incorporated the The Shard (it replaced the bldg from which Jake fell to his death) into the story line. They're in London but they don't *use* the location much. 

Danny Griffin goes and shakes up dead-Jake's brother, Archie. He's very good at it. ‎‎

Sebastian Pembroke aka Pelham. Reinvented as jewelry merchant. Paxton's fists pay a visit to Sebastian because Jerry blabbed the location. Watching one old dude beat up another old dude is surprisingly disturbing. 

The two retired cops somehow convince this guy that he has some problem which requires urgent attention--which he will receive once they have the info they need. Note that neither are, nor have ever been, medical professionals. 

They kidnap Pelham from the hospital to their headquarters where he proceeds to logon to a "black market forum" that is "very exclusive, secured logon and all that." (Okaaaaay.) Which turns out not to be all that secure since, apparently, when a seller and buyer agree to meet, the details are readily available to NUCOS and Paxton. 

At the rendezvous spot, it turns out that Archie is the seller. But wait! We're about 44 mins into an hour long programme so there's a "twist" coming. (One of the nice things about non-US shows is that a 60 minute show is 57-58 mins vs 40-44.)

So, the parole officer was reading Paxton's coded (!) letters. He followed Archie to the bldg, whereupon the kid panicked after spotting him, and fell to his death. The end. I dunno know but I'd think a career crim like Paxton ought to know letters aren't private, even with code. Well, practically speaking, I guess that goes for everyone. ‎Secured logons and all. 

Today's lesson: ‎Nobody in London has a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All computer-related activities must be done at a desktop. 

Gone but not forgotten: Amanda Redman, James Bolam, Alun Armstrong, Nicolas Day.
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