Book: Realism With A Human Face by Hilary Putnam
March 23, 2016 5:56 PM - Subscribe

Our first selection is a set of essays by Hilary Putnam that covers Metaphysics, Ethics and Aesthetics, and Studies in American Philosophy in its three parts.

I was inspired to start this group after Putnam's recent death, so it seemed fitting to start with a general overview of his thinking. Since it covers a wide range of philosophical subjects and the thought of various other philosophers, the book looks like a good place for the group to begin. It was published in 1990 and is available in libraries hereabouts, so I hope members can access a copy without having to buy it.

Let's take a month to cover the whole book. By April 25, we should be getting down to actual discussion. I'll post in a week or so, to let people give feedback on what they think about what they've read so far, but don't feel like you have to hurry through the book. Let me know your thoughts on the selection, and whether you have any recommendations for the next read.

I'm interested to hear people's opinion on Putnam's thought, and looking forward to getting into it myself.
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