The Legend of Korra: Venom of the Red Lotus
August 22, 2014 7:29 AM - Season 3, Episode 13 - Subscribe

The concluding half of the Legend of Korra Book 3 season finale

It opens with Korra in chains and the future of the Avatar cycle in jeopardy.  The Red Lotus are down by one, but still intent on remaking the world, while Zaheer has revealed he has reached an epiphany in Air Nomad philosophy.  Bolin finally makes his own personal breakthrough in earth bending, while Team Avatar, minus the Avatar, focus their efforts on rescuing Korra and stopping the Red Lotus from succeeding at their plan to remake the world."
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Oh, man, just a pile of feels over here.

Okay, again, bullet point list:

1. The Red Lotus's plan is genius. Terrible genius, but total genius. And it can never be made public, because if there are still splinter groups of Amon's Equalists out there... Christ, this is serious.

2. I absolutely love the effect they do for Jinora's spirit travelling. That flickering is amazing.

3. Bolin pushing aside Suyin to hug Opal. You are adorably stupid, Bolin, and that's why I love you.

4. Korra going full Avatar state and getting her rage on. Christ, that is fierce and I honestly thought everyone would have to team up to take her down because she lost all control.

5. Also, Korra totally needs the metal clan to make her a full metal suit and then she can do the firebending travel and totally Iron Man this place up.

6. Although I secretly hoped Asami would be the one to electrocute Ming-Hua, I can cope with Mako doing it. Because awesome. (Although I also would have loved it if Ming-Hua and Ghazan would've gone "Eh, Red Lotus is done for. Fuck it, we're Team Avatar now.")

7. Ghazan and Bolin just lavabending right and left - fantastic visuals and fantastically done. Although I would've liked it if Bolin had beaten Ghazan himself, I like that the brothers worked together, because I love it when they do that.

8. Tenzin's declaration that the Air Nation is going to go all Kung Fu on everyone. That is wonderful! Plus, as someone on Reddit pointed out, look who joined the Air Nation!

9. Jinora's tattoos! And those big brown eyes! She's so obviously Aang's grandbaby, and Tenzin's heart must be breaking with pride and sadness at the same time - his daughter is such a fantastic Airbender, and Aang never got to see the Air Nomads start up and this new amazing Master who looks so much like him.

10. Korra! Oh baby! Christ, she's spent her whole life being so strong and so independent and able to do things, and now, she can't. She can't save them, she can't take control, she can't fix things, she's just stuck there. And maybe Red Lotus was right, maybe the world doesn't need an Avatar, because everywhere she goes, it all just descends into chaos.

I hope the next season really gets into that. I hope that Korra learns how to recover, how it's not a quick fix, how she can't rely on her past lives and her avatar state. I think Lin will be really helpful, as they are way too much alike for their own good - that same stubborn "I'm fine, I'm fine, shut up, I can do this" attitude.

And Asami! Oh Asami, you are going to get your heart broken. Korra is going to be mean and vicious and angry and you're going to get the brunt of it, and I'm so sorry, sweetheart. My Korrasami heart just sang at that scene, though. Oh my God, shippers dream of such a scene.

God, such a great episode. And now I can't believe I have to wait for next season.
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Pretty fantastic end to Book 3. It's hard to talk about everything, so in total unorganized fashion, here's the things that struck me.

The animators are REALLY going for scary and painful faces for individuals who are dying this season. It's almost a bit TOO anime'ish, if that's an appropriate description. I really enjoyed Korra's attempt to fight off the Avatar state to protect the Avatar Cycle. It's the second time in this finale that she was willing to sacrifice herself for the better of the world, be it to save the air nomad nation or here, to save the very Avatar cycle.

The Red Lotus plan was a great call back to ATLA, as we hadn't heard about the Avatar State's major danger/flaw since Roku told Aang that if he died in the Avatar State, THAT WAS IT. The fact that the Red Lotus Society knew this was also a good reminder that it was originally a society that prized knowledge.

I definitely cheered for Asami having the chance to take down one of her benders in a fight. It was too bad that it wasn't her who electrocuted Ming-Hua, particularly at the missed opportunity of having the "damsel" save "hero" Mako, but you take what you can get.

The fight between Mako and Ming-Hua and Ghazen and Bolin was great to watch, if not as exciting as last week's Tenzin's Air Dome of Badassery. AGAIN, I was tricked into starting to fear that Mako was going to go down when he found himself waist deep in water during the battle, but relief came when he hit upon a very obvious solution for an advanced fire bender. Azula would have been proud. It was disappointing that neither Ghazen or Ming-Huaa had the opportunity to mourn or recognize the passing of the other. A flicker of recognition of what Mako's presence in the fight meant would have been great. My estimation that both he and her would give up/surrender/be captured was turned on its head by his decision to bring the mountain down on, well, his head.

It was a great moment, however, when the Red Lotus realized that the Avatar State was something far more powerful than they had expected. Excitement knows no bounds as Avatar State Korra unleashed hell on the Red Lotus and went out after Zaheer. As Tenzin watched from Oogie, for the final time, I momentarily wondered if he was going to somehow try to help her and die in the process. STOP MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY, CREATORS. Thankfully, he didn't, and what we got was a fantastic battle sequence of Zaheer doing his best to avoid a god-like being bring ruin down on him. The battle, and the battle ground, seemed very reminiscent to the fight between Aang and Firelord Ozai, with the exception that for the most part, the power difference was very real and the disparity great.

Jinora stepping up was great, even if it meant she wasn't going to show off even more impressive spiritual powers. Her becoming a master forced sentimental eyewaters to build up and I had to complain to myself about dust in the air. Oofs. I do wonder how she'll wear her hair next season...because these things are important!

Bolin shoving aside Suyin was so awesome. Someone needs to make a gif of that STAT. Putting the sock in Zaheer's mouth, that wasn't classic Bolin, it was totally Classic Sokka, but who's complaining?

It wasn't a major surprise that the Air Benders have opted to become the Avatar Force, in part due to the destruction of the Northern Air Temple. They literally had their home and their own earthly attachment removed from their lives, freeing them to be a part of the greater world. I don't doubt that they won't use the other air temples, but it's ironically, a change that returns them to their roots as nomads.

Wheelchair bound Korra. This is something that I wanted so desperately for the end of Book 1, a Korra who has to deal with the serious things that happened to her. While she managed to get her bending back and fix everyone at the end of Book 1, I'm glad from a story and character development perspective, that we will get to see Korra address this challenge. In the same manner that Aang had to deal with his chakra being blocked and own philosophical problems, it's going to be exciting to see Korra face this challenge in the final installment of the show. And yah, Korrasami sails defiantly into the dawn of a new season!
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I am so glad this season is over, because I couldn't take much more. That was incredibly intense, and I'm a pile of feels right now. (This show really doesn't belong on Nick, so perhaps it's for the best that it's not on TV anymore.)

The way that Suyin took out P'li was completely awesome. And on P'li: I appreciate that the animators made her significantly taller than Zaheer. Such a small thing, and yet.

The Red Lotus' plan was really clever; the only flaw was that they underestimated just how powerful the Avatar State was, and so were caught off guard when Korra broke free.

Jinora's an airbending master now! She looks so much like Aang it's not even funny. It looks like Tenzin's come a long way in accepting that she's growing up.

I do wonder how she'll wear her hair next season...because these things are important!

She could wear it the way Avatar Yangchen did. I don't remember if all female airbending masters wore their hair that way, but it would be a nice callback.

Narratively, I'm glad that Korra's weakened and wheelchair bound, as this is something I also wanted at the end of Book 1. There will be lots of room for character development, since it will force Korra to face her weaknesses and flaws.

Korrasami sails defiantly into the dawn of a new season!

I normally don't consider myself a shipper of any sort, but I would love it if Korrasami was a thing next season.
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The terrorists were hiding out in caves with giant statues of gurus hewn from the living rock out front, like the Taliban and the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan (I know it's not exactly the same, but near enough).

The maturity and violence of this show continues to demonstrate the programming mismatch this has with Nickelodeon. Moving to a different sort of distribution was a good move, but nothing like this is going to happen in America for a very long time. Animated dramas CAN be as good as any other drama series, if given enough freedom. Too bad no one has enough faith in the medium.
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And the end was definitely fuel for Korrasami hurt/comfort stuff. Like, it's literally a canon h/c thing there.
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Lord, it's so hard trying to talk to people into watching Korra or ATLA. "There's this fantastic show..blah blah blah...and it's animated." "Oh, you mean it's just a cartoon?? "Yeah." "That sounds nice, excuse me while I go watch adult programming...." Blegh.

I forgot to add in my initial thoughts, the Track Team did a great job this season (like every season). There's so many sounds and what not that are in the show that don't necessarily have to be there, like the clink of armor and foot steps, etc. The music, I has the money, take it, and give me soundtracks for Books 2 and 3. NOW.
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Best of the Korra books so far.
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So many damn feels.

Yay for Bolin. I love how even after he finds his level-up, he still insists on flying in "Ca-CAW! Ca-CAW!" when they find everyone else.

Love Jinora employing her siblings' deceptiveness to get the keys.

At least Asami got to take down that one Red Lotus guy. The better let her save the fucking day at least once next season, dammit.

Why isn't lightning bending a common defense against waterbenders (why didn't he use it earlier?).

I wish they'd make a short about P'li. Would be sad, but we'd know about that warlord. Is that where all combustion benders come from?? Are they kidnapped into a warlord army? That needs exploring.

I was sad that Zaheer didn't die, because I am tired of his blather and posturing and crazy. Shut UP. Also, he's an incredibly dangerous prisoner...he can fly and strangle his guards at a distance! How the hell do you keep him prisoner? I know they can't do execution on this show, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't keep a guy like that alive.

I would like to point out that we don't know for sure that Ghazan and Ming-Hua are dead.

Poor Korra. Bumi and Kya are still pretty banged up though Tenzin seems chipper.

Also, it's been two weeks; so how fast do they tattoo people? Cause it seems like you'd still be scabbing with a full body tattoo. Ow.

I loved the anime-ish exaggerations of the hallucination scene; but then that style is really suited for a scene like that.

Overall: A+
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Why isn't lightning bending a common defense against waterbenders (why didn't he use it earlier?).

Most waterbenders don't have rely on attaching the water to themselves. What made her so powerful, that she made the water a part of her, turned out to be her downfall, I liked that. Though I still don't understand how the water supports her weight.

I really didn't like how when she was facing Zahir and pals she began to feel like her role as avatar was made obsolete. Why wasn't established earlier in the season? Before she was just acting like he was another threat she needed to defeat (as opposed to Amon, who it was pretty quickly established threatened her whole sense of self).

I liked the King Kong reference though. That was cool.
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Also, it's been two weeks; so how fast do they tattoo people? Cause it seems like you'd still be scabbing with a full body tattoo. Ow.

Aunt Kya healed it up so it'd look good for the presentation. It's what aunts are for!

I totally didn't appreciate the King Kong ref. Good catch!
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This season ended so incredibly, it just makes me mad that we weren't given a full run of eps so that all the weird plot stuff could have been structured properly. I definitely got a little sniffly at Jinora's elevation to master, I'll be interested to see if the physical weakness finally forces Korra out of her "hit things hard" mode of doing everything, but hey - it paid off in that final battle with Zahir. Watching her tear after him was fantastic.
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I liked the finale, I admit I was pretty surprised how many main members of the Red Lotus ended up perishing in the process. I know I've given Korra a hard time w/r/t her forceful personality but it's sobering how she now is recovering from the latest ordeal.

Bolin and lava-bending was great along with all the other final showdowns featured. I'm kinda relieved that the romance subplot never did make a big appearance either.

Now onwards to the final book :>

Side note: Not sure exactly how they plan to deal with Zaheer since he's still formidable enemy even though he is restrained for now.
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Kinda neat how they shot the exterior staircase shots at theme on location at the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
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Anyone else have a feeling that Jinora is being set up as the next Avatar?

I feel like the series/writers have pushed Korra to her limits. The loss of her connection to past avatars, having to heal the world, not being able to maintain a relationship. It would be really cool for her to abdicate her title/responsibilities to someone else and it makes sense that it would be Jinora. That last shot of her, such a call back to Aang. <3
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Thing is, in-universe, Jinora can't be the avatar, because:
1. Korra isn't dead yet
2. She isn't from the Earth Kingdom

(Unless you meant, like, as the international figure/scapegoat)
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I guess it'd be a deus ex kind of twist to just have powers transferred over to her.

What I'm really saying is that I want a Charlie's Angel's style show featuring Korra, Asami, Jinora & Bolin.
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What I'm really saying is that I want a Charlie's Angel's style show featuring Korra, Asami, Jinora & Bolin.

I would watch this show.
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Republic City podcast speculated that the Bei Fongs were Earth Kingdom nobility...would that mean a bid for power in Ba Sing Se in Book 4? I think it's unlikely but I had forgotten that the Bei Fongs were once a Big Deal.

But I really want Toph to show up mostly.
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What I'm really saying is that I want a Charlie's Angel's style show featuring Korra, Asami, Jinora & Bolin.

How much money can I throw at someone to make this happen?

I want Tenzin on the speaker, Korra behind the desk, and Asami, Jinora, and Bolin fighting crime in sassy outfits.
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My impression was that the Beifongs were just extremely rich, not necessarily royalty or any type.

I shall finish the podcast at lunch and offer a more informed opinion!
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Hm; the original series has reigning nobility in all three tribes, but it never mentions other nobility or whether there's a merchant class, that I can recall. So it's probably unknown whether the Bei Fongs were just wealthy or also had (or had purchased) titles with connections to the throne.

I think there was a mention of bloodlines in The Search graphic novel, when Zuko's mom was forcibly engaged to Ozai. She was descended from some suitable family (Avatar Roku's, actually, but was that the reason? He was rich before he was Avatar), and also beautiful.
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I just read The Search a few days ago. She was sought out for her bloodline connection to Avatar Roku because a fire seer had told him that if his kid and a child descended from Roku got together, it would ensure the family line ruled the throne for centuries to come. Oddly enough, I guess Iroh was already married by this point, or you would think he would have had Iroh marry her...and that opens a whole other can of worms with Iroh as a kind and compassionate husband and so on and so on....

It would surprise me if the Beifongs had purchased a title. If I recall, the Beifong name, however, was not enough to get Toph and Katara into the dinner party with the Earth King. So take of that what ya will of how big they were at that time, yet, earlier, a passport lady about freaked out when she saw the Beifong name.
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I apologize if this has been covered before, but I'm trying not to read any of these posts for spoilers. Does anyone know when/if this will become available on Amazon Prime? I only realized this morning that the season had even begun (and ended) and now I can't find the first five episodes streaming anywhere.
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It's on Amazon now, that's how I watched the whole series. I believe you can get a better deal buying the whole season at once. I don't have Prime, but used Instant Video with my regular Amazon account.
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If it will be available on Amazon Prime, I don't doubt it will. Unfortunately, Season/Book 2 is still not Prime yet, which makes me think that you may have at least a year until Book 3 becomes available under Prime - if that. Most of the revenue Nick is drawing in on Korra is based entirely on digital purchases (the creators said that iTunes was doing really well - which, awkwardly, has none now). My expectation is that since they won't be really selling ads for the streaming, they'll make Prime wait longer to get the Korra episodes.

Like emjaybee, I bought a season pass on Amazon Instant Video and haven't regretted it one bit. I've re-watched episodes multiple times and best of all, top quality and no commercial breaks.

Allegedly, all the episodes should be available on for free, albeit with ads.
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the Beifong name, however, was not enough to get Toph and Katara into the dinner party with the Earth King.

Well, with a Dai Li managed Earth King, anyway, who wouldn't even let The Avatar in for an audience... so it's arguable that any denial was really more about the Dai Li managing their hold on power than anyone's status.

Toph's status as a legendary earthbender + family status would seem to position any Beifong as a contender for political power, but who knows, maybe some handsome heroic mover star could win the hearts of the public instead.
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I just finished the series last night, and wow. That was INTENSE. People have said a lot of what I've been thinking, but here's something I took away from it:

Korra at the end of the season is pretty much destroyed. Look at everything she's had to deal with: rejection, repeated failures, being physically beaten, being captured and having to be rescued multiple times. And in the end, she wasn't even able to save the Avatar cycle- other people had to do that. She can't even move at this point. And to someone like Korra, allthat must be sheer torture.

Given Korra's nature, I don't know how she can recover from this, I don't even know if she CAN recover. I mean, I know they have another season planned after this, but I am trying to see how it can avoid being very dark. And I don't really want to see Korra humbled, weakened, depowered or all the rest, because that's far to easy to go into the same nasty place that constantly happens to women in comics.
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Given Korra's nature, I don't know how she can recover from this, I don't even know if she CAN recover. I mean, I know they have another season planned after this, but I am trying to see how it can avoid being very dark. And I don't really want to see Korra humbled, weakened, depowered or all the rest, because that's far to easy to go into the same nasty place that constantly happens to women in comics.

That's a good point, and it's not even one that the strong writers of Korra have completely avoided. In Book 1, the only main character that had bending stripped away was Lin, not Mako or Bolin, not Tenzin, either. Yes, there were men who had their bending removed, but they were pretty much side characters, be it gangsters of the Triads or episodic Bro Pending opponents.

My own "delight" at the character/plot twist of Korra's condition at the end of the book really comes from a place of wanting to see a main character challenged, and because I know Korra is a strong willed individual, seeing that eventual triumph. Of course, the form of that triumph may not be what I, or others think it will be. As such, though, I don't think Korra's condition is a result of her being a woman, but of being our protagonist and the most powerful person on the face of the Avatar planet. In the same manner that the writers determinedly kept Korra from fighting the Red Lotus until the very last episode, a story is always more exciting when the ace up the sleeve, so to speak, isn't over played or when it is, the outcome isn't what you expect or even an ace at all.

Book 2 seemed to play with this idea right from the start, taking Korra's new found ability to fall into the Avatar state and chiding her for using it for mundane things like winning an air scooter contest with Jinora and siblings. Throughout Book 2, the Avatar state rarely proved the ultimate weapon to solve the problem, and it was only Korra's inner meditations inside the Tree of Time that allowed her to find success. As we all know, one of the strongest tools of the Avatar, an ability to rely on the experience of past Avatars, was stripped away. It was a non-Avatar state success.

In Book 3, the Avatar State is again shown to be incredibly powerful, but in the end, final victory comes not from Korra harnessing that power but from Jinora and the airbenders and Suyin's ability to pull out the poison.

The purpose of it all is kind of avoiding the problems that run into Superman storylines, if he's got all these awesome powers, why doesn't he solve/fix everything at the get go. The answer for ATLA was to handicap our Avatar by not having mastery over all the elements at the start and then second, denying him his connection to the Avatar State from the start of the final season until its very final few minutes. In Korra, we have the reverse problem, our avatar has mastered all but one element, Air, and by season one's conclusion she has that and the Avatar state. In every sense of the word, minus personal ticks and experience, Korra is nearly as powerful as an Avatar is supposed to be to bring balance and harmony to the world.

It's definitely an interesting series of steps they've taken then to reduce the power of the Avatar, while not reducing the "gravitas" of the Avatar. What Korra has gone through would have been the same, I would hope, anyways, if Korra had really been Kent. The same then being her condition at the end of the show, not because she' a woman, but because we need the all powerful avatar to be restrained to allow for a better story and character plot. I generally have faith in the writers to do these things not because Korra is a woman, but because she's borderline a superman.
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IGN has a great collection of videos about the video game, the creators talking about the finale/Book 4 speculation, and interviews with Janet Varney and David Faustino.
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My own "delight" at the character/plot twist of Korra's condition at the end of the book really comes from a place of wanting to see a main character challenged, and because I know Korra is a strong willed individual, seeing that eventual triumph

I really loved that one of the badass villains was without arms, and worked around her disability through bending. Water-bending-arms lady was forced by her context to derive new solutions; learning how to bend without moving through the traditional martial arts forms. She's the biggest badass of them all - apparently the only bender who can bend through sheer force of will alone. Except for Mad King Boomi, of course, but he's dead.

I would love to watch Korra do the same, working around the constraints of her injuries.
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To be fair, even Boomi implied he still needed the use of his face. Ming-Hua may have been the most skilled water bender we will ever see short of an elderly Katara literally turning on the water works.
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I'll have to read the first link tomorrow, but January is being favored as the expected release from what I've seen. One piece of evidence is that the Art of Book 3 book is scheduled to come out in January (if you haven't picked up the Art of Avatar:ATLA/LoK Book 1 yet, you must!). One thought was that Book 3 was originally going to come out in September, when the Book 2 art book came out...though, it seems that might have been off based on the interview Bryke offered to the Nerdist Writing Panel where they claimed that basically the programming people just said, "Oh, hey, in two weeks or so, or it'll be months before we can squeeze it in!" Also stated was that the complete move to digital was also always planned.

Based on the crazyparanoidfanbeliefs (CPFB) it's hard to digest some of this as it all just rolled out oddly timed with the leak of the episodes (official story is now that they were stolen off a hard drive) and with little to no preparatory advertising. This means either A) the creators for some reason don't want anyone to think that there's things to be gained by stealing episodes and releasing them early... or B) Nickelodeon really is that incompetent when it comes to handling Korra. B actually makes a lot of sense.
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Update: All three seasons of Korra is supposed to be on for streaming.
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The comics alliance link is worth a read, thanks for sharing!
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FYI, Book 4 is officially entitled "Balance."
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I'm actually kind of flabbergasted that it's returning so soon. I wonder if they're trying to boost Christmas sales or something. It's a good sad happy big wait...but then it's over!
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Seems like Nick just wants to be done with it, I hope that means we can see the creative team pop up somewhere that'll fit them better.
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If you take what Mike and Bryan have indicated at face value, it seems, particularly with Korra, but also with ATLA, is that Nick has never really understood the popularity or idea of what Avatar is. At least, not since the shows were put into production, as it was definitely a Nick executive who saw the potential and lassoed them in. The programming people have always seemed lost.

In the Nerdist Writing Panel podcast, they relate the story of how ATLA was put on the secondary Nick channel. At the time, they firmly told Nick's people, "This is serialized, it NEEDS to be aired in sequential order!" Sometime later, they ran into an executive overseeing the channel and he told them that ATLA was one of their biggest hits, but not before (I paraphrase),"It took forever to get there. We tried to package the episodes by which character was prominent in them or by theme or by action...and finally, when it seemed no one was tuning in, we decided to just air them sequentially...and now it's a major hit!"

I think Mike and Bryan will end up doing something awesome again, after Korra, but I don't think it will be in the form of another animation series for Nick, unless they can raise their production values even higher. They've also stated they need another break from the Avatar world, so it may be a number of years before we see another show on tv that takes place in it. (I expect they will continue to oversee graphic novels continuing the adventures for both shows, at the least).
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There's a Nerdist podcast with them talking about ATLA? Gonna have to dig that up.
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The Writer's Panel one, yup yup (Yip yip?). It's a good long interview and it's located between edition 53 and 54, on August 19. A nice 90 minute interview. They even talk briefly about the movie that will not be named.
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Trailer for Season 4. Spoilers within. I squeed.
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I was up late last night. This trailer deserves a front page post, as does the show, for its way out, apparently, in awesomesauce style.
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Trailer for Season 4. Spoilers within. I squeed.

That looks badass.
posted by His thoughts were red thoughts at 6:58 PM on September 27, 2014

Broke down the trailer over in the Blue post on the trailer!
posted by Atreides at 8:42 AM on September 29, 2014

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