Flaked: 7th
April 6, 2016 7:01 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Still reeling from a revelation about London, Chip takes a hard line in negotiations with Tilly to save Venice. Dennis harbors feelings for Kara.

From the AV Club review:
"For six straight episodes, Flaked has presented Chip as a broken man. He’s a manipulative, uncaring, often cynical person who uses his recovery from alcohol abuse to garner unwarranted sympathy for himself. When he looks at the people around him he sees opportunities. In Dennis he sees someone who he can control, someone he can feel above. In Cooler, he sees a driver. In London, he sees yet another woman that he can potentially use his bullshit AA self-help talk on in order to get laid. Then, in the previous episode, things shifted a bit when it was revealed that London was actually Claire, the sister of the young man who Chip killed in a drunk driving accident 10 years ago.

"That incident is the cause of all the pain and anguish in Chip’s life, and yet Flaked, in “7th,” proposes something different: what if that accident wasn’t actually Chip’s fault? Furthermore, what if it wasn’t even Chip who was driving the car?"
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