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Movie: Unfrosted

In 1963 Michigan, business rivals Kellogg's and Post compete to create a cake that could change breakfast forever.
posted by The_Vegetables on May 16, 2024 - 11 comments

Bridgerton: Penelope & Colin  Season 3, Ep 0

#Polin is here, based on the Julia Quinn book, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (which is actually #4 in the book series). In this friends-to-lovers tale, I'm guessing we'll get Colin finally coming to his senses, Penelope evolving from wallflower to the center of attention, and a big dash of "Who is Lady Whistledown?!?"
posted by BlahLaLa on May 14, 2024 - 16 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Hag/Nightmare  Season 1, Ep 19

Confronted by the chimeric tallman catgirl, Senshi winds up conducting a rather unique lesson on etiquette, while Marcille winds up dealing with nightmares of the monstrous sort - forcing Laios to take a dangerous journey into her psyche... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on May 10, 2024 - 7 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Shapeshifter  Season 1, Ep 18

Following a trail of blood, Team Touden travels to the sixth floor - the castle waterways, and the site of their loss to the red dragon. But when a surprising chill forces them to take shelter in an abandoned oubliette, they soon find that me's a crowd as there's now a bunch of copies - both credible and not... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on May 3, 2024 - 7 comments

Dead Boy Detectives: The Case of Crystal Palace  Season 1, Ep 1

Edwin Paine (d.1916) and Charles Rowland (d.1991?) spend their afterlife solving cases for the dead (and sometimes the living) and dodging the Lady herself, Death. When they meet psychic Crystal Palace, unlife gets a lot more interesting... [more inside]
posted by Kitteh on Apr 26, 2024 - 17 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Harpy/Chimera  Season 1, Ep 17

Laios and Shuro's discussion/fight is cut short by an attack by harpies - and a much greater threat, one that leaves the parties shaken. And in the aftermath, two allies let it all out for once... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 26, 2024 - 8 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Cleaners/Dried With Sweet Sake  Season 1, Ep 16

After some observation, Chilchuck has figured out a pattern to the shifting of the floor's configuration, leading Team Touden to the exit - and to Teams Kabru and Shuro. However, the reunion between allies may not be a happy one when Shuro finds out what happened with Falin... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 19, 2024 - 9 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Driad/Cockatrice  Season 1, Ep 15

Trapped in the Mad Mage's ever shifting labyrinth, Team Touden is on the verge of starvation - until finding a nest of dryads provides a potential meal - and miserable allergies. And then, the party is forced to deal with a monster that makes the basilisk look tame... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 17, 2024 - 4 comments

Ripley: VII Macabre Entertainment  Show Only   Season 1, Ep 7

As Inspector Ravini expands his murder investigation, an elusive Tom plots his next moves from Sicily.
posted by chavenet on Apr 15, 2024 - 3 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Sea Serpent  Season 1, Ep 14

With the intensity of the past few episodes, it's perhaps a good pallette cleanser to go back and see how the comic relief is doing, and...did Kabru just outright murk that guy... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 15, 2024 - 8 comments

Ripley: VI - Some Heavy Instrument  Season 1, Ep 6

A ghastly discovery leads Rome police to Tom's doorstep, beginning a game of cat and mouse with its lead investigator. [more inside]
posted by chavenet on Apr 15, 2024 - 1 comment

Delicious in Dungeon: Red Dragon III/Good Medicine  Season 1, Ep 13

The Mad Mage makes his presence known, and his magic seems to have the power to control Falin, as Team Touden challenges the elven master of the dungeon. And when things go awry, the party is found by an orc warband - whose captain finds the halffoot's seeming cowardice distasteful... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 13, 2024 - 7 comments

Ripley: Narcissus  Show Only   Season 1, Ep 8

Tom reinvents himself again, creating an enviable life in Venice—as long as his lies hold. Special guest: Caravaggio! [more inside]
posted by sylvanshine on Apr 12, 2024 - 13 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Red Dragon II  Season 1, Ep 12

The red dragon has been slain, and Falin's remains recovered. All that's left is to ressurect the young tallman woman - but doing so will have her friend make some grave choices... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 11, 2024 - 5 comments

Parasyte: The Grey: Season 1 (all episodes)  Season 1, Ep 0

Parasyte: The Grey is a 2024 South Korean sci-fi horror television series directed and co-written by Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan, Hellbound). The series is a live-action spin-off of the manga series Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki and depicts a confrontation with unidentified parasitic creatures that live on humans and have the urge to kill humans. The series currently has a 100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
posted by vverse23 on Apr 10, 2024 - 1 comment

Ripley: Seven Mercies  Show Only   Season 1, Ep 2

On Italy's Amalfi Coast, Tom settles into Dickie's grand villa, but not without arousing suspicion from his girlfriend Marge. [more inside]
posted by chavenet on Apr 10, 2024 - 3 comments

Ripley: LUCIO  Show Only   Season 1, Ep 5

Dickie has a visitor. [more inside]
posted by sylvanshine on Apr 9, 2024 - 3 comments

Ripley: La dolce vita  Show Only   Season 1, Ep 4

Dickie heads to Rome. [more inside]
posted by sylvanshine on Apr 9, 2024 - 4 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Red Dragon I  Season 1, Ep 11

This is it. This is what all the adventures, all the trials, all themeals have been leading up to. For Team Touden, it's do or die - for Falin's sake, the red dragon must fall... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 9, 2024 - 4 comments

Ripley: Sommerso  Show Only   Season 1, Ep 3

When Dickie and his father start seeing through his ruse, Tom resorts to drastic methods. [more inside]
posted by sylvanshine on Apr 8, 2024 - 7 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Giant Frogs/Aboveground  Season 1, Ep 10

Refreshed physically, emotionally, and manawise, Team Touden begins the descent to the castle town - and to their confrontation with the red dragon. Unfortunately, the path downward will not be an easy one, with the stairwell down full of dangers. Meanwhile, Tansu reports his findings to the (nominal) head of the island, while Namari looks to see if by some miracle Falin's corpse has made it back for revival. One thing is clear - things are coming to a head, in several ways... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 7, 2024 - 5 comments

Ripley: A Hard Man To Find  Show Only   Season 1, Ep 1

A grifter named Ripley (Andrew Scott) living in 1960s New York is hired by a wealthy man to visit Italy and convince his son to come home. (8-episode mini-series, Netflix, 2024) [more inside]
posted by sylvanshine on Apr 7, 2024 - 5 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Tentacles/Stew  Season 1, Ep 9

With Marcille weakened from the undine's assault, Team Touden is surprised when another adventuring party comes upon them - with a familiar face in tow. But the realities of how dungeoneering works forces Laios to trade his labor for healing. And the enraged undine is still out there - but Marcille has a plan to kill two birds with one stone, and use it to replenish her mana... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 5, 2024 - 4 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Raspberries/Grilling Meat   Season 1, Ep 8

Marcille thinks back on how she and Falin first met at school, and how she taught the elf valuable lessons about how there's more to the world than what's in books. Unfortunately, her ablutions wind up creating a very angry water spirit with murder on its mind... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 3, 2024 - 3 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Kelpie/Porridge/Broiled In Sauce  Season 1, Ep 7

Finally reaching an underground lake at the base of the castle, the party - and Senshi in particular - gets a valuable lesson in the reality of wild monsters being exactly that. And as Team Touden crosses the lak, they wind up finding out personally how one very large predator can throw off the ecosystem... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 1, 2024 - 3 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Court Cuisine/Boiled In Salt Water  Season 1, Ep 6

Curiosity - and a rumbling tummy - lead Laios to try seeing if the food in the enchanted paintings is a possible food source. But he gets more than a meal as the scenes he enters tell the tale of the Golden Kingdom, as well as that of the Mad Mage. Later, a midnight bathroom break leads to Chilchuck trapped with his nemesis... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Mar 30, 2024 - 1 comment

Movie: Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All

Tomlinson ponders achieving perfect work-love balance despite anxiety and insomnia, asking if one can really "have it all."
posted by solotoro on Mar 26, 2024 - 5 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Stewed Cabbage/Orcs  Season 1, Ep 4

It's farming dungeon style as Senshi shows Team Touden his...ambulatory gardens in the form of golems he has turned into walking vegetable patches. Though when they go to trade in their leafy bonanza, it turns out that the red dragon's actions have caused further displacement - and further trouble... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Mar 26, 2024 - 2 comments

Delicious in Dungeon: Hot Pot/Tart  Season 1, Ep 1

It's been...a bad run for Team Touden in the dungeon, after confronting a red dragon on little rest and less food - they got trounced, two of their fighters have tendered their resignation, and their healer Falin was eaten by the dragon after she sent everyone else to safety. Party leader (and Falin's older brother) Laios is determined to ressurect his little sister, but with no supplies, he has to resort to...dungeon self-sufficiency... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Mar 19, 2024 - 5 comments

The Gentlemen: Refined Aggression  Season 1, Ep 1

When the Duke of Halstead dies, his second son inherits everything, including the title, house and grounds — plus a whole heap of trouble. Co-written and directed by Guy Ritchie. [more inside]
posted by 1970s Antihero on Mar 18, 2024 - 11 comments

The Days: Full Season  Season 1, Ep 0

Blamed by some, hailed as heroes by others, those involved with Fukushima Daiichi face a deadly, invisible threat in an unprecedented nuclear disaster. [more inside]
posted by rory on Feb 22, 2024 - 3 comments

Get On Your Knees - Jacqueline Novak

Comedian Jacqueline Novak waxes very poetically about a particular life-long obsession of hers. [more inside]
posted by Thorzdad on Jan 28, 2024 - 4 comments

Queer Eye: Season Eight  Season 8, Ep 0

The Fab 5 are back in New Orleans. [more inside]
posted by dnash on Jan 28, 2024 - 11 comments

Fisk: Fisk  Season 1, Ep 0

Decider - ‘Fisk’ On Netflix, A Comedy About A Woman Taking An Estate Law Job After Some Life Setbacks: Helen Tudor-Fisk (Kitty Flanagan) used to practice contract law at a high-end Sydney law firm, but after her husband ran off with an older woman, she’s decided to move back to her hometown of Melbourne. Her life is certainly unsettled — she’s living in an Airbnb rental — and she’ll take anything, especially if it involves little interaction with clients. Oh, and she won’t give any references from her old firm. Preview. Kitty Flanagan and the Fisk cast discuss wills and their new Australian legal comedy
posted by ShooBoo on Jan 27, 2024 - 11 comments

Movie: The Kitchen

In a dystopian future London where all social housing has been eliminated, Izi and Benji fight to navigate the world as residents of The Kitchen, a community that refuses to abandon their home.
posted by ellieBOA on Jan 21, 2024 - 2 comments

Movie: Lift (2024)

Follows a master thief and his Interpol Agent ex-girlfriend who team up to steal $500 million in gold bullion being transported on an A380 passenger flight. [more inside]
posted by box on Jan 15, 2024 - 8 comments

Fool Me Once: Full Miniseries  Season 1, Ep 0

Widowed mum Maya is disturbed by an image of her late husband captured on her toddler's nanny cam. [more inside]
posted by ellieBOA on Jan 9, 2024 - 4 comments

Pokémon Concierge  Season 1, Ep 0

Pokémon Concierge is an all-new stop-motion series from Netflix in the genre of cozy, slice-of-life animation. Set at an island resort, a young woman gets a job as a concierge helping Pokémon guests enjoy their visit. The first season has four short episodes totaling less than one hour of story. Trailer. Welcome to Pokémon Resort. Making Of. Studio Visit with Non. Theme Song by Mariya Takeuchi.
posted by Wobbuffet on Jan 1, 2024 - 5 comments

Movie: No Hard Feelings

On the brink of losing her childhood home, Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) discovers an intriguing job listing: wealthy helicopter parents (Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti) looking for someone to "date" their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman), before he leaves for college. To her surprise, Maddie soon discovers the awkward Percy is no sure thing. (On Netflix) [more inside]
posted by ShooBoo on Dec 29, 2023 - 8 comments

Glitch: (2022, Kdrama)  Season 1, Ep 0

Glitch (2022) is a Korean scifi drama. Hong Ji-Hyo (Jeon Yeo-been) and Heo Bo-ra (Nana) are childhood friends who are obsessed with UFOs and alien abductions. Years later, they reunite to solve the mystery of Ji-hyo's mysteriously missing boyfriend, which leads to deeper and more sinister mysteries. It's on Netflix in the USA. [more inside]
posted by jabah on Dec 12, 2023 - 1 comment

Movie: Leave the World Behind

A family's getaway to a luxurious rental home takes an ominous turn when a cyberattack knocks out their devices, and two strangers appear at their door. [more inside]
posted by wakannai on Dec 9, 2023 - 25 comments

Hilda: Season 3  Season 3, Ep 0

A slightly older Hilda and the gang travel to Tofoten to visit Great-Aunt Astrid for a relaxing holiday —but adventure soon comes knocking at their door. [more inside]
posted by 1970s Antihero on Dec 8, 2023 - 9 comments

Pending Train: Pending Train  Season 1, Ep 0

Passengers on a Tokyo train find themselves shifted into the future—a future with no cities and no humans. If they work together, can they survive? And is there any way back to the past? [more inside]
posted by jabah on Dec 7, 2023 - 1 comment

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: The World Vs Scott Pilgrim  Season 1, Ep 8

Scott, Ramona and their friends face their toughest challenge yet in a knockdown epic showdown that could change everything.
posted by neilbert on Dec 6, 2023 - 3 comments

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: 2 Scott 2 Pilgrim  Season 1, Ep 7

Unfinished business, mind-blowing revelations - and a mix of lovers, friends, and exes. What could go wrong?
posted by neilbert on Dec 6, 2023 - 3 comments

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: WHODIDIT  Season 1, Ep 6

Ramona arrives at Julie's doorstep with more questions and curiosity. A surprise visitor seeks forgiveness from Gideon. Knives taps into new talents.
posted by neilbert on Dec 1, 2023 - 2 comments

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: Lights. Camera. Sparks?!  Season 1, Ep 5

A documentary about the Toronto production reveals drama - and steamy romance - behind the scenes. Ramona takes on a daring but demanding gig.
posted by neilbert on Dec 1, 2023 - 1 comment

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: Whatever  Season 1, Ep 4

Ramona, heads to a film set to see Lucas, her movie star ex, whose role in a major Canadian motion picture attracts media attention - and the paparazzi. [more inside]
posted by asnider on Nov 21, 2023 - 8 comments

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: Ramona Rents a Video  Season 1, Ep 3

Motivated by a dream, Ramona follows a hunch and confides in a receptive Julie. At a video rental store, a tense run-in with Roxie fuels big feelings.
posted by asnider on Nov 21, 2023 - 1 comment

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: A League of Their Own  Season 1, Ep 2

An eclectic crowd of familiar faces gather under unusual circumstances. Elsewhere, the League of Evil Exes meets up at a secret lair.
posted by asnider on Nov 20, 2023 - 8 comments

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