Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Spacetime
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Daisy is touched by an Inhuman who can see the death of anyone who touches him in an incoherent jumble of images. Lash drops by for a visit. Hive, wearing his Ward skin suit, begins making moves that leave a lot of dead people. FitzSimmons holds hands.
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Hive, wearing his Ward skin suit

It's SquidWard
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Oh, calling it. Lash offs him. Otherwise he makes no story sense.
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I got the super creeps from Malick's "never knew how good it feels to take someone's power away" comment.
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I spent most of the time watching this waiting for Ward's coat and ensemble to reappear on the screen. For a show that has never caught my attention with its costuming or set design, or visual aesthetic at all, this was a real first. I just love (skin suit) Ward's new wardrobe.
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I thought Ward's outfit was extremely cliche and also looked very cool and totally worked.

I enjoyed this episode quite a bit, more than usual. I'm annoyed at the trope, here and elsewhere, of science-y explanations of Deep Ideas and having otherwise intelligent characters make quips that their brains hurt and they understand nothing.

Personally, I thought that Malick's power-suit was silly and the idea that he'd never personally killed anyone inconsistent with his characterization. And they are clearly setting up Lash to kill a dangerous Inhuman, that this is what he was "designed" to do, and who could that possibly be other than Hive!Ward?
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It's SquidWard

I'm calling him NeoWard now, for obvious reasons.
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I kinda like Daisy now. She's come a very long way from The Blue Dress Incident in episode 2 or 3.
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This was fascinating episode detailing the possibly last appearance of Andrew and Hive's rising power that was constantly interrupted by hackneyed plot of whether Daisy would die. We knew she wouldn't, but to find out the ominous premonition of the future was just a giant misunderstanding was underwhelming.

Sure, Daisy's getting full of herself, thinking she's the only one who could save someone, which is no doubt setup for a future story or arc. But much like the focus on Rick in The Walking Dead, the spotlightfication of the any particular character at the expense of others in an ensemble cast gets boring after a while. Daisy's come a long way since her two year origin story, more focus on the others would be great.

Andrew's return was well done, allowing up to see the softer side of May, even as she dealt with the harsh realities of that final transformation. But there might be a bittersweet bright side to Lash, as he's designed to kill Inhumans and they'll probably need him in the upcoming battle against impeccably dressed notWard.

What a character notWard has become! Intelligent and scheming, he managed to pull off a neat trick: making a powerful person relish in new uses of power, albeit killing people. NotWard is seducing one of the most powerful people on the planet and in the process gaining a gleeful acolyte. It's like Senator Palpatine manipulating a certain young Jedi. It's a beautiful dance of evil, kudos to Hydra and their centuries of faith. Too bad it might not work out for them!

Random points:
Hunter and Bobbie were very missed from this episode. The cast feels very small now.

Great single take of Daisy in action

Excellent illustration of human inability to fully see the fourth dimension of time

Terrible use of May in forcing her to say "My brain hurts" after listening to Fitz's explanation of the 4th dimension. This is May damnit, her brain DOES NOT HURT. At best she'd smile to herself and think "huh, I've already won so many fights, I just don't know it yet."

Loved seeing a background agent given a name, bring on more Doug!

Hey, supergenius wondertwins, standing in falling bits of burning paper isn't that romantic, ok? Get an umbrella or something.
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May's face acting: amazing.
That was my entire takeaway.
If you watch those sense, they are amazing.
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In re face acting: I really enjoyed the look on Powers Boothe's face when he's immediately derided by NeoWard for using his new robot suit to crush a vase a flip a table.

(Also, are the writers hoping for some mememification when some evenually gifs the table flip?)
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Malick: [Flexing his power-suit hands...] "I like this, this feels good. Hmm."

[He picks up a styrofoam coffee cup, crushes it.]

Malick: "Ah!"

[Now he grabs a large binder filled with hundreds of pages, throws it in the air.]

Malick: "I am strong!"

Hive!Ward: "That's not real power. That's not why I want you to have the suit. Go to that man -- go to that man and experience true power as you've always desired."

[Malick walks over to the CEO, holds out his hand. The CEO hesitantly takes it and Malick smiles, increasing his grip until the CEO grimaces in mild pain.]

Malick: "Hahahahaha! YES!"
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Malick: {power-suit servos strain until he opens sealed jar of pickles} "Hahahahaha! YES!"
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Coulson: "We'll return after this."
[SHIELD logo]

Malick {carries a 50 lb bag of mulch from his truck into the garage effortlessly}: "I've dreamed of this moment! HAHAHAHA!"

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[Power suit freezes up. Sketchy-looking preacher guy walks up to Malick, stabs him]

"God is not mocked!"

Didn't see that coming, didya?
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What a character notWard has become!

I was so prepped to be bored with yet more Ward, but his little 'why?' talk with Malick took me right back to Mr. Morden on Babylon 5. If he'd thrown in a proper, "What do you want?" I think I would've cheered.

Malick {Tries to do a pull up, but the suit is too ungainly}: "Damn it!"
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Ungainly? It's practically a bikini compared to the Iron Man suit.

(Although, it lacks weapons and flight and such....)
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Hey, I'm glad you lot liked this episode.

Me, I'm out. My moment of epiphany was at the anticlimax, when Daisy is lying on the ground with Scruffy and he gives his speech about loving his daughter and it's the big emotional payoff. Meanwhile I'm eating this chocolate bar. And it's been annoying me because it has crunchy bits that are not delicious, just texturally awkward. And I realized at this moment that I could separate one of those crunchy bits with my tongue, suck all the chocolate off and isolate the piece that was unpleasant. And so I did, and I pulled it out of my mouth and recognized it as a bit of dried orange peel. Dried to a crunchy tasteless husk. Then I looked up and the scene was over and I missed whatever emotional climax this episode was trying to sell.

This episode was less interesting that a dried, flavorless bit of orange peel. I'm out. Also IMHO this season compares unfavorably with the final season of Under the Dome. That show I enjoyed hate watching. This, this is just bland. Done.

(Sorry to be a bummer, 99% promise this is my last post ever.)
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