Catastrophe: Season Two
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The return of the dearly-loved-by-at-least-a-few-of-us Channel 4 series to American streaming via Amazon. The first season ended on a down note -- will Sharon and Rob reconcile? Of course they will, but will it take?

From Amazon:
Times have changed for the turbulent lovers in Season 2 as their whirlwind courtship settles into the everyday of a long-term marriage and parenting. Rob and Sharon will work to maintain their love, passion and humor, but will it be enough when they're fighting off flirtatious co-workers, post-partum depression, dysfunctional friends and crazy relatives?
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"........instead of the shininess and fuzziness of the traditional rom-com, the show offers a grittier—but much more charming, and much more relatable—vision of what romance is all about. Catastrophe is a rom-com that finds its “com” in the daily doings of marriage that are not traditionally explored on TV and film."

Great review in The Atlantic about Season 2 describes everything I love about the show.
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LOVE this show but why why why is it only 6 episodes long!?!? I was settling in to go full binge and it was over?
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We just finished season 2 and I LOVED the breast pump hunt! We had our own version of that, with Jefferson City, Missouri, standing in for Paris, France.

What a great show.
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Worth it just for the term "mombies".
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LOVE this show but why why why is it only 6 episodes long!?!?

British seasons.

I thought the time-travel between seasons 1 and 2 was an excellent move. This season seemed much more involved with the mechanics of the relationship where S1 seemed more "get ta know ya," but like any parent of a television I love them both equally.

One thing I didn't get was whether the sexual harrassment case was the plan all along ("lying bitches!" style), if it was retribution for rejecting her advances (more LB I guess), or...? It was a convenient Deus ex Machina (cf. Adaptation) for his role at the problematic company and thus a way to move the story along, but there's still something hinky about it. A little too sporadic in execution, a little too severe in results.
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