Lucifer: St. Lucifer
April 12, 2016 4:38 AM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

After a philanthropist is found dead, Lucifer explores his better nature by becoming a benefactor for Tim's charity; Maze interrupts Amenadiel's dinner.
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Interesting development explaining Lucifer's semi-mortality. I liked that the crime was almost a backdrop to the goings-on between the characters, as it should be. Glad to see the show has been renewed, too.
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God, I hate lazy and stupid writing. The attorney showing up at Chloe's house, where she's examining case evidence instead of at the station, just to have a conversation that he would more realistically had in person and as if he'd be able to find her address ... that's like a nadir of stupid broadcast network television contrivance.

Everything about the murder of the week plot either annoyed or bored me. The small amount of interest and enjoyment all came in the scenes involving the long-running developments.
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"It seems you make me vulnerable too" -- I have to admit I didn't see that coming. It certainly prepares a lot of new cans of worms to be opened.
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I had thought at the time that it might be that Chloe specifically can hurt him. Later, I think I sort of forgot that possibility and just accepted that he was now universally vulnerable (as the show intended me to assume). But even when he had his realization while talking with Maz, I went back to my initial assumption and it never occurred to me that he might just be generally vulnerable while in her presence.

She as a deliberate agent made sense to me, though I didn't know exactly what it meant. This, however, while it also sort of makes sense, is much more ambiguous. The former is more like something very intrinsic to her -- that she's divine in some sense, say. This, though, could be that or it could be a number of other things, too, that aren't so intrinsic to her. It could be extrinsic and ultimately transient.
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Oh all the relationship stuff was fun! Maize getting her sexy on to be a double agent. I'm beginning to wonder, though, exactly how far does angel have to go to lose his wings. I mean raising a dying man just to lie to him to get him to do your dirty work? That's pretty low. And I really wish Maize had told Lucifer who spread the rumor about the goat.

One thing that does bother me. Lucifer seems to consistently assume heteronormative relationships. When someone comes out, he is ALWAYS surprised. This seems odd from, you know, Lucifer, but also at odds with his statement that he has excellent gaydar. His gaydar is crap!
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I blame the heteronormativity on Fox - it is pretty grating how 'no homo' they've made Lucifer. On the other hand, maybe it would just play into the tradition of queer-coding of villains to make Lucifer as pansexual as he by rights should be.

Lucifer was really getting on my nerves during his philanthropy kick - not sure why, I suppose it was no more obnoxious than he usually is, but it felt...dumber? I did love the comedy of his last scene with Dan. Poor beaten-up Dan. And he probably won't be able to tell Chloe about being kidnapped, since he'd have to come clean about Malcolm.

I like the development about Chloe being Lucifer's kryptonite, since it means he can go more Prince of Darkness outside her presence (and, as the AV Club recapper pointed out, it gives Chloe a good excuse not to believe him about being the Devil). It does point towards the arc of Lucifer being redeemed by love and sacrificing his life for her, which I can't see them pulling off very well, but that seems like something they'd save for a series finale should they know at season's end that it is the end.
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I've kind of assumed they were staying away from much talk of his view of non-straight sex because then if he approves (enthusiastically, as I imagine he would) is the show saying it's evil? I doubt it would come across that way if they did it right, but maybe they're scared of trying. Not a great excuse, in any case and at this point I think its to the show's detriment.

So Chloe sill thinks Dan broke up with her by text? Saving Lucifer was Dan's priority on escape, understandably, but hopefully contacting her isn't far behind since he just kinda dropped out of her life.
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