Murder, She Wrote: Birds of a Feather   Rewatch 
August 23, 2014 8:18 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Pre-wedding jitters take on a new meaning for the fiance of Jessica's niece when he's accused of a cabaret owner's murder.
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Random thoughts, in order of appearance:
  • The most threatening jog.
  • No one believes the hard sell when you tell them how happy you are in your relationship.
  • San Francisco after dark is romantic?
  • And JB now has 6 best sellers? So much for being a quiet school teacher.
  • You're in a lounge with a ton of metal flamingos, some terrible singing by a person in some questionable outfit, and "something is strange," but you can't figure what?
  • When you're in drag and you're told serious news, be sure to take off your wig so everyone realizes you're actually a man.
  • How is it that Lt. Novak hasn't seen a drag performer, in SF, circa 1984?
  • Lt. Novak to a crowded room: We're talking about murder here. I don't know who half of you are here, but everyone else can stay, except the nosy broad.
  • Does the print shop open when the sun rises, or is that when they said the result from the fingerprints would be in?
  • Lt. Novak to Jessica: I don't know you, but you threatened me, so I'll tell you everything we know about the case.
  • Jessica is all about the Nitric acid test.
  • Random security guard to Jessica's niece, Vicky Brandon: You can see the suspect, nbd. I'll just awkwardly hold your purse. Should I check it or shouldn't I? Ah, I'll just set it down.
  • Howard Griffin: Insurance sales are tough, with people wanting to want to watch TV, and you telling them how rich they'll be after they're dead.
  • Vicky is the worst, she'll love me no matter what. She wants to marry me, for richer or poorer!
  • Jessica: Only one killer in the family, and the redcoats shot first. (This is well before Han shot first, FYI)
  • Oh second fiddle Charlie, "I think she's kind of cute"
  • So much heavy making out.
  • Mike Dupont has a terrible "man in a dress" portrait in his dressing room, I swear he has stubble in that painting
  • Six best sellers, but she plays small-town fluffy.
  • Barbara Stevenson to Jessica: Who killed him? Jessica replies, "I wouldn't know, I just got in yesterday." But that's when Al Drake was murdered!
  • Barbara to Jessica: I just met you, let me tell you everything, but in strict confidence, of course.
  • Let's get our stories straight for ... that Miss Fletcher.
  • Lt. Novak has a Save the Whales bathrobe, matching porcelain duck AND a bull wall ... things.
  • How did Jess get Lt. Novak's address? (It was probably Charlie.) And she waltzes in and picks up his cat.
  • Bill the agent is an angry man.
  • Another murder solved by a sun-faded pillow.
  • Freddy York's dressing room: smile later, laugh now, don't forget your rubber chicken.
  • Freddy York, the Edison of comedy, he's the guy who does his own rimshots!
  • Freddie about Al: He gave me a shot, I gave him one. Badum. (HE ACTUALLY SAID "BADUM!" IN A SAD VOICE!) And he ends his story with "I would have knocked them dead" in Vegas! The chutzpah of that guy!
  • Now nephew-by-marriage Howard: I think he actually married Jessica. "I'm not sure I should take the acting gig in Hollywood, what do you think, Aunt Jessica?" And they freeze the scene with Jessica and Howard kissing!

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