He Never Died (2015)
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Jack, a social outcast, is thrust out of his comfort zone when the outside world bangs on his door and he can't contain his violent past.
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Haven't seen it, but I think I need to. By one of those weird coincidences, I was going through a box of stuff and found a CD of Get in the Van, the audio/spoken-word version of Rollins' tour diaries from his time in Black Flag. I hadn't listened to it yet, and listened to the first disc's worth while on my daily walks. I'd also recently done a rewatch of Heat, the De Niro/Pacino movie in which Rollins has a small but decent role. And I had no idea that he'd ever starred in a movie. So... on the watch list it goes!
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I saw this in the theater back in December, and I enjoyed it a lot. It felt like an independent crime film from the '90s, with a nice supernatural streak. Rollins is understated, and doesn't really get ranty nearly at all. He plays Jack tired and with the lack of affect of a severely depressed person, which I suppose he is.
Now that it's on Netflix I think I'll watch it again.
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This scratched an itch for me. A certain kind of movie done a certain way.

I thought the scene where he drops the money and bumps into a gang-banger was a nice touch. Looking for badguys and only finding politeness.

Torturing the girl felt unnecessary and a couple of the "I used to kill babies" lines were clunky but otherwise an enjoyable diversion.
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His utter muted exhaustion with human interaction--even extremes of kindness and violence--was hilarious. Dark and sad, but totally hilarious. This is the best performance I've ever seen Rollins give.
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Actually, this would be a great tv series.
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I saw this a few weeks ago and tried to get everyone I knew to watch it. Not that it's the greatest movie ever, but I really enjoyed it's dark hilarity and it seemed like the kind of thing that wasn't on anyone's radar.
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Actually, this would be a great tv series.

Maybe, but as a Canadian production it would probably turn out another upper-mediocre immortal sad guy series that we apparently specialize in (The Crow: The Series, Highlander: The Series, Robocop: The Series, Vampire Cop colon the series), or at least did in the nineties.

That was pretty good! It's been at the top of my Netflix recommends for a while and I had no idea why since I have like negative interest in vampiresbut- anything these days, I had no idea that Henry Rollins was in it or that it was filmed in Toronto (though neither of those is necessarily always a plus, or even often, though I have affection for both). If it hadn't come up here I probably wouldn't have seen it, but I'm totally glad I did. Fun flick.
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The scene of Rollins intensely playing bingo is hilarious.

I found the waitress annoying once she got involved.
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I have seen this three times now and it only gets better.
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