Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Kidnaps Gretchen!
April 17, 2016 8:36 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Gretchen just has to be in some sort of cult...in this case the Church of Cosmetology. Kimmy takes it into her own hands to kidnap Gretchen, without a van. In other news, Mikey and Titus go on a date. Mikey freaks about dating gay and Titus freaks about dating, period.
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You do really feel sorry for Gretchen in this one--girl never had a chance to make her own decisions and was pretty well groomed to worship at the feet of some older creepy male. Kimmy's solution of "create your own cult!" is just the best.

I was also feeling for Mikey in this episode. I wish those two well, however that goes.
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I have a feeling that the "create your own cult" is going to come back and bite her in the ass.
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I love everything about the Church of Cosmetology, from "Lizard or lotion people" to the fact that The Founder is managing a comedy club in Texas(? I think it was Texas) while the cult itself is chartering a cruise ship to space.
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Where UKS really sings, I think, is when it is skewering White Nonsense. Thus the Church of Cosmetology being so bang-on. And where it falls flat is when they think they can extend that cleverness to e.g. the Native cringefest or the Titus-as-geisha cringefest or Dong's English etc.
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Or, for that matter, the alleged jokes about Dong's name.
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To be fair, I think the penis name jokes are intended for both him and Kimmy, given the translation issues.
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Was it just me, or was this episode an improvement over the previous three thanks to the absence of the Jacqueline storyline?
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So... so far Season 2 is doing the Star Trek thing where the even-numbered episodes are the good ones?
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That Don Draper/Jon Hamm/the Reverend joke was the first joke this season that made me laugh out loud.

The second was Titus crashing into the table while he was under the blanket, because my sense of humour isn't very refined, I guess.

Titus and Mikey kissing hoooooraaaaay
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Incidentally the actress who plays Gretchen is also in e1 s3 of Deadbeat on Hulu. She places a necrophiliac.
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So... so far Season 2 is doing the Star Trek thing where the even-numbered episodes are the good ones?

It's funny what different reactions we had. There were really great lines here, but mostly this episode was a complete miss for me. Like most episodes, I get what the writers were trying to do, and think that they missed the mark.
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my tummy likes carrots
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