Blake's 7 rewatch
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Following the death of far too young Gareth Thomas . I'm wondering if there's any interest in a B7 rewatch? If you haven't: it is the original Babylon 5, Firefly and Farscape, with rubbish sets, amazing costumes, and plastic. We have two so far, and now Supergirl has ended my early week is empty. And as cold as Servalan. Created by Terry "Dalek" Nation, and basically offcuts of the BBC Dr Who types, there is a lot to recommend it and if you don't have the DVDs or if it isn't on streaming, it is on YouTube.
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I'd be interested in a first watch, as I've never seen it before, but I'd probably follow along with a rewatch anyway.
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I am actually just finishing my first watch, but I'd love to lurk and occasionally chime in.
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Omg Blake is dead?? Aaargh how did I miss that? Ugh 2016 sucks.

Anyway, I love this show so much. Once I even coerced/ persuaded a group of Mefites to come to my house to watch a few eps. I hope this happens.
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Eh. There's close enough to seven of us.

Let's do this thing.

I'm not touching Aftermath, The Sevenfold Crown or The Syndeton Experiment, or the audio prequels, and I can't see myself finding time for the audios, so TV it is.

Let's spend the next few days making Liberator bracelets, and I'll try to post the first one by Wednesday.
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Awesome. Thanks, I look forward to rewatching it with you all. Maybe msg some of those in the orig. thread to alert them to this? Not everyone checks RA regularly.
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Just wanted to add that Janet Ellis (in the making Liberator Bracelets video) is Sophie Ellis Bextor's mum.
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(Also they are Scorpio bracelets she makes, not the original Liberator bracelets. Sorry for nerding out over this.)
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Damnit. That's what I get for not checking the video.

OTOH, looking for that I found Peter Tuddenham Blake's 7 voicing Answerphone messages.
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I am completely on board with this.
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I have two questions:
1. How quickly do people want to see episode. I am at 'Orac'
2. Spoilers, Y/N?
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I'm ok with spoilers personally, because a) I've seen the whole series all the way through several times and b) it's a 38 year old show that's had lots of stuff written about it, particularly about how it ends. But if there are folks who are going to watch for the first time who don't want spoilers, I would totally respect that.
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I say no spoilers. I am also doing the DS9 rewatch and try to avoid spoilers over there, because although the show is old, there are still people who are just getting into Trek and seeing it for the first time. I would say the same applies here, although B7 is clearly going to have a smaller fanbase.

Interesting that the full episodes are on yt. Usually the beeb would have it taken down, maybe they have disowned it!
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Mezentian: have you binge-watched B7? For me, you could post it on Monday if you want, but obviously I am only able to speak for myself.
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I did binge-watch the first series. it's a short season and we have a long-weekend here.

I've petitioned the tyrannical council to add B7 to the list of shows, and I shall now begin the 36 hour fast to get all of the Soma out of my system.
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The first episode is up on Fanfare.
posted by marienbad at 1:53 PM on April 27, 2016

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