The Night Manager: Episode 2
April 30, 2016 8:39 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Burr makes her pitch to Pine. Pine leaves the hotel under unfortunate circumstances. A holiday excursion for Roper and his friends almost ends in disaster.

We learn that Pine has other elements in his background which make him loathe arms dealers. David Harewood shows up as Joel Steadman, whom Burr trusts more than she trusts her own people — but do we trust him?
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The character Harry Palfrey, who appears in the River House scene, previously worked at Russia House, and was the narrator of LeCarré's book The Russia House (though he did not appear in the film).
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I got lost in this episode a few times and had to rewind. This wasn't a problem - the good writing and acting means I enjoy watching a few scenes twice.
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Pine has other elements in his background...

Okay clearly I should not be watching this at 11 pm at night because I don't remember anything like that. Mostly I had a sense of dread, yes, completely tank your career and reputation to work for a secret organization on a secret mission because that always ends well.

The restaurant robbery/kidnapping scene was very frightening and realistic.
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I think Tom Hollander's character, Corcoran, is the most compelling.
His menacing, laconic delivery is just great.
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Pine has other elements in his background which make him loathe arms dealers.

For TWinbrook8's benefit, and because they will probably come up again:
  • Death of Sophie (you knew that one)
  • As a former soldier, he hates those who supplied arms to the enemy (there are probably deaths of specific comrades to back this up, but names were not named)
  • His father was a cop (in Belfast, I think) who died as the result of terrorism
  • He strongly identifies with Lawrence of Arabia, and as such deplores those who conspire against the oppressed and downtrodden

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oh right, I remember the former soldier part now but the Lawrence of Arabia connection was a complete whoosh, thanks.
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Due to TiVo mislabeling a couple of reruns, we saw this episode first and Episode 1 second and didn't realize until later that no, Episode 1 did not drop you down in the middle of the story and Episode 2 was not a gigantic flashback. I'm used to Le Carré being a bit hard to follow so it didn't seem that surprising. The sequence actually worked perfectly fine.
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Pine has other elements in his background which make him loathe arms dealers.

I don't really buy this as enough motivation to infiltrate Roper' s organization.
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