Masters of Sex: Asterion
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Masters leases office space to continue the study and his fertility practice free of hospital obligations, and hires Lester to resume his videography, and Betty for secretarial & accounting work. summary: In the wake of Masters' discovery that Johnson has continued to have romantic relationships with other men, he becomes impotent without her knowledge and cuts off their sexual work together. He tries to keep his new clinic solvent over the course of three years by borrowing against his house, offering medical services to the hotel - and finally accepting money from his mother.
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Coming soon: postcards from Bitchtown and telegrams from Dicksville! Business can't fail.

Meanwhile, as glad as I am that they are getting bits of the band back together, Bill has finally grossed me out. I have to watch it again while undistracted, because they did a lot of work packing in a lot of time and information but I've been having issues with real life creep Bill anyway, while being a big Sheen fan. Still one of the best shows on right now.
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I was so happy when Lester showed up onscreen, then so sad when he mentioned Jane with such bitterness. I loved their romance, really wish it had worked out.

Despite Bill's many displays of awfulness, I loved that little smile he gave Gini after their reconciliation sex.
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> he becomes impotent without her knowledge

Oh, is that what happened? I think I missed that.
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Well, both of his attempts at getting alleyway blow jobs ended boner-less. And then Libby told Gini that she hadn't been able to get him to sleep with her for a year. (Though I guess he must have been able to masturbate successfully, to produce sperm for the fertility treatments they had to go through to create the second child? Can't remember where the resumption of the affair fell in the time jump timeline.)
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How did Gini get pregnant in the first place? I thought Bill had a low sperm count?
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I'm assuming they did the cervical capping technique again, since it worked before for conceiving the stillborn Catherine and live baby Johnny.
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Oh, just an FYI - I will be away this weekend and most likely won't get to watch Sunday's episode until Tuesday night, so, if anyone else wants to submit it to the mod queue in my absence please feel free to do it.
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I hated this episode, and from this point on, I'm hatewatching the series. I think the writer of this episode just got it wrong, and by it, I mean everything. The second season so far hasn't been as great as the first, and with this episode it just slips into very, very bad territory. I have no sympathy for the fates of Virginia, Bill or his racist wife.

The writing is just bad here. The point when the back alley hooker looks up from Bill's impotent crotch and says "Jeez, I shouldn't even charge you for this." was the moment I wanted to punch whomever wrote this crap.
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Overall, I agree that S2 is not as strong as S1, and I certainly got frustrated with a lot of the subplots. I think S2 suffers from not having that clear endpoint of the presentation of the study to the hospital, and just kind of flounders around a lot more. I don't think I ever got to hate-watch level of frustration, more of a string of WTF-am-I-watching moments throughout. Good luck, hope you can make it through to the finale thread.
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