Veep: Nev-AD-a
May 2, 2016 10:07 AM - Season 5, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The recount in Nevada continues apace. In DC, Selina makes a new friend of the horizontal variety, finds a new operative of the old and racist variety, and regains an ally of the Tom James variety.

In the meantime, Mike is on a cleanse, and Kent and Ben try to figure out just how old Sue really is.

But more importantly, Let's Talk About Splett.
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I have been waiting for this recap all morning just to talk about splettnet.

"You can email me at Splett1’s my father. I’ll be sad to see him go, but it’ll be nice to get my hands on that handle."
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The really hit home for me, since I registered a similar domain decades ago and inflicted it on several family members who still use it for email.
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I was kind of disappointed that as soon as we saw Slattery, I was like "Oh, of course she's going to want to fuck him." The story was still done well, but I feel like it's missing that little bit of Iannucci implicit action; there's a lot more telegraphing what's going to happen and less "You, the audience, are smart enough to catch on to what has happened offscreen."

Also, Martin Mull! Playing the guy who doesn't actually have any advice, but isn't begrudged his uselessness (unlike Selina's old college friend, what was her name?, who wouldn't ever express an opinion).
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Did they hire a bunch of Arrested Development writers? The splettnet seems like a direct rip-off of Bob Loblaw's law blog, and the treatment of Martin Mull (aka Gene Parmesan) as incompetent but beloved by the woman in charge was... reminiscent.
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Things feel a little off to me. I did love the misdirected booty text reveal at the end.

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Did they hire a bunch of Arrested Development writers?

The writer of this episode worked on AD for a while too, although the ideas could've come from anyone in the writing room.
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I'm just over here writing some Richard/Jared from Silicon Valley fanfic....
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Dan is going to be so disappointed

psoas, I want to agree about Slattery's character, but while I knew instantly as well, my husband didn't catch it until much later in the scene when they were more obviously flirting. I don't know what that says exactly.

Still enjoying the show. But also still feeling it's not quite up to its former self.
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