The Path: Refugees
May 4, 2016 6:23 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Terrible truths are discovered, game-changing decisions are made, and Cal continues to make Very Good Choices In All Areas Of His Life.

Gosh, I've missed seeing Hugh Dancy covered from head to toe in blood!
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So some shit went DOWN in this episode, huh?

With Silas dead and Bill and Felicia marginalized by a show of force from the membership, Cal is now in prime position to take over not just New York, but the whole damn thing. Assuming he can keep from having a complete mental breakdown, which seems pretty possible.

Ashley you hypocrite, you never understood what you were asking of him, did you? I mean they're both teenagers so it makes sense, I'm not even that mad at her really, but damn. Poor Hawk!

Oh god what Hawk and Eddie go on that walk and Eddie is totally going to come back to the Movement, but Hawk decides he can't? Eddie would go with Hawk, and leave after all. Aww geez :(

I'm pleased that the immigrants will be more than a single-episode plot.
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It felt pretty abrupt to have two major-ish events - Ashley's family moving out of the Lanes' house AND Eddie hiding Alison in the cabin - happen entirely off-screen. Makes me wonder if a script got cut somewhere.

Regardless, I loved this episode. It ratcheted up the intensity on almost every plot.
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This week on The Path: we learn specifically what attracted Hugh Dancy to this role.

I was also very pleased to be wrong about Mary -- so glad she actually confronted Cal. Interesting deal to see Hawk faced with the fact that he'd defy his parents to see Ashley but she wouldn't/couldn't do the same. I'm not sure how the heck Cal gets out of his little problem or how the not-a-cult* manages to wiggle out of the high-profile mess it's in, but hey, Hulu renewed the show, so it must manage somehow.

*Can we please, please get some IT'S NOT A CULT t-shirts already?
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OK I've not finished the episode yet. I love the ominous music that hits when we first see Silas's feet. Never have socks in flipflops been so terrifying. (ok I giggled.)

Mary confronting Cal....I'm glad she did it. I wish she didn't have to be high to do it.

So a leader was foretold. I really think the way the show is going either Sarah or Eddie is that miracle. I'm leaning towards Eddie. After all, Eddie saw through Cal's lies. Sarah's ascension would be less miraculous. In addition, because Sarah has always been in Meyerism, she won't know how to connect with people outside of the movement. that was' one of Cal's big strengths. Eddie understands how to connect with people. We saw that last episode in the diner scene. I think Cal's send Eddie away to do The Walk is actually going to end up being what crowns Eddie as the next leader.
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Ok finished the ep. Oy! Well while Cal might be poised for a takeover, I don't think at all that's what is going to happen. Sarah showed her leadership skills, and Eddie encouraged her. Cal continues to completely devolve. While his impulse to protect the refugees is correct, Sarah is the one who actually managed to carry it through.

I'm not sure why Sarah would be encouraging to Eddie going on the Walk and then privately ask Cal what the motivation is. Wouldn't, considering the delicate balance of the movement and the current doubt in Cal, it make more sense to hold off on the walk until she can speak with Cal and get real answers? The fact she hasn't had any real communication with him, but is willing to send off Eddie....if she's going to lead, she needs a bit more spine than that.

So Meyerism is basically in the shit. A bunch of refugees and now (unbeknownst to them) a murder while leadership seems to be spiraling out of control. No wonder Hawk is lost. It seems like almost everyone on the show is.

But no one more so than poor Mary, who immediately after walking out of the compound sees her father. I really hope she pulls it together.
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I've been thinking about Cal's dead problem. He has a number of possible solutions:

1. Cal gets caught hung over with the body and claims that it was self defense. Unlikely. the evidence doesn't fit that especially since Cal took the time to clean up after.

2. Cal buries the body and goes along like nothing happened until some time in the future when Silas is discovered. This could happen. No one knew Silas was there. If Cal sobers up enough to realize this, he can bury silas and continue on with operation take over meyerism. The only problem would be explaining his absence at a meeting he called and hauling a large dead body on his own without being noticed.

3. Cal frames Mary. Actually this could work. Mary comes in all drugged up and kills Silas in her confused state. Realizing what she's done, she flees Meyerism. This explains why Cal missed the meeting. He's in shock over the murder. He may even get people to cover up the murder so meyerism doesn't have to deal with an investigation.

4. Cal frames Alison. This could also work. Cal catches Alison at the cabin she flees, but returns to confront Cal. Instead she finds the man she thinks is responsible for her husbands death. She murders him and flees. Cal is in shock. The problem with this is he sent away Eddie who is the only person who can corroborate that Alison was at the cabin.

It would also be interesting if Alison ended up being the miracle. Saved at Rindge, first enthralled by Meyerism she sees that Cal is using the cult to his own end and not really the true leader of the movement. She comes back and ends up that instead of just abandoning the cult, she will fight corruption from within. She may even form an alliance with Sarah to do this. I think it's a long shot, but it would be interesting.

Both 3 and 4 explain his absence and shift blame to a plausible other party.
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About the body, I was actually thinking... we DID see someone dig a massive man-sized hole in a secluded location just an episode or two ago!
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I guess there's no way to make Silas taste like tofu or quinoa, either, dang it. The downside of vegetarianism: more difficult to dispose of corpses.
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Gosh, I've missed seeing Hugh Dancy covered from head to toe in blood!

I was sitting there thinking how comforting and heartwarming it was . . . and then realized that's probably not the reaction most viewers were having or the one the producers were going for.
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Lol forever.

Actually, considering how many times he said in interviews about Hannibal that he totally loved getting covered in fake blood constantly, I wouldn't be shocked if he pushed for this scene to be bloodier than was written on the page
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Holy shit. I saw this coming but not so soon. I don't think Silas could have said anything that provoked Cal more.
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I wish we could have seen more of Silas, he seemed really reasonable and interesting. A different kind of true believer than the rest of them.
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