Under the Dome: The Red Door
August 26, 2014 12:09 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Julia faces a choice; another meeting at the Dome; Barbie finds the red door.

Also: everyone wants the egg; a portal back into the Dome; the smoky memory vortex.
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Incidentally, this is the first of the 5 episodes that Stephen King says totally rock.
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I'm starting to think that this show would be fantastic for live drunk tweeting.
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Well, I was losing track of who knows what but now everyone seems to know everything except Big Jim hasn't figured out how Barbie got out? With all the lurking around he does, he hasn't tried to explore the tunnel? I find that hard to believe.

Since Pauline spoke about atoning, they have pretty much set up Sam to die saving Junior's life. Something to look forward to.

The red door with the hand, so Barbie is one of the Hands? We got the Young Hands and the 1987 Hands. I guess Barbie and Julia will form the another set of hands. School teacher could be their third and they can hold tryouts for a fourth.
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The Junior / Melanie in the bomb shelter is creepy and wrong. If you want him to be a sympathetic character, stop drawing attention to the fact that he chained up a girl for half of last season. This also goes for the Mom's story about how little Junior wanted to play with Angie because it was true wuv, and then stops caring about Angie's murder in about 2 minutes.

Everything not Junior related actually kind of worked this episode. You can tell Big Jim is a bad guy because he doesn't get a Microsoft Surface and has to resort to pen and paper. I'm disappointed he only had a few pre-written notes. I wanted to see him stand there going through his plan sheet by sheet like an evil Bob Dylan.
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I liked Dean Norris's Bruce Willis impression this episode.
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Everything good about this episode was non-human: the mud spiral, the Smoke Monster (TM Lost), the glowing purple *sparkle!* egg. Really it just needs to be about these things.

And the dome of course.
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Joe: Barbie might send another‎ email
Julia: I doubt they'll let him
Fifteen seconds later
Juli‎a: Let's get back to the school in case Barbie sends another email!

‎Sam: Your drawings made it seem like I had to kill the kids because they were keeping the dome up. 
Pauline: That girl died because of what I drew‎
Five mins later
Sam: My sister's drawings have always been right‎!

Pauline: This is how my visions start‎
‎Lyle (I have such a hard time seeing him as Dwight Yoakum): In the mud?

Melanie (paraphrasing):‎
Let's just lie here and relax in this calm place where you held Angie captive. It's soo nice now that you've cleaned it up after her escape attempt. ‎
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Oh, and Barbie's Dad: Use my computer. It has a remote interface.
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It took three people to write this episode. Three. Yet they still missed the opportunity of having Big Jim holding a little egg with a smiley face drawn on it when he span around in his chair to confront Julia, or Rebecca building a shitty decoy machine with EGG DETECTOR 3000 scrawled on top with crayon. Disappointment, your name is Dome.
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The scene with The Visions Through the Red Door was the worst scene in all of television history, ever.

And thirding the opinion that showing Junior cuddling up in his private Rape Dungeon with MS Ingenue was just way, way too much rape culture for me. Although it gave me a glimmer of hope that she's going to turn into an Avenging Fury in the next episode and all those monarch butterflies are going to turn into castrating knives or something. Pink stars are falling.
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