Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Touched
May 19, 2016 7:31 AM - Season 7, Episode 20 - Subscribe

As The End looms, couples connect and reconnect. The gang interrogates a Bringer on the First's plans. Buffy finds an axe. Kennedy and Faith find a bomb.
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I like a lot of this episode. Spike's telling off of everyone is just superb, and the scenes where they connect are really good. There's even a bit of time for Xander and Anya again, which is nice. I actually really like the bomb scene (even if, in the way it's shot, it's pretty clear that everyone really should have died, rather than, you know, no-one)., and the fun bringer interrogation earlier.

The empty sunnydale aesthetic is actually pretty cool, with the power starting to go off (although, next episode they'll be using the internet....).

And Buffy's plan to go in and get the axe all on her own is cool, fun and funny. It's nice to see Caleb outmaneuvered, although the First appearing to taunt Caleb, while amusing, feels a bit goofy for what's meant to be a serious scene. Also the First declares that Buffy should be let go with the magic weapon they've been desperately trying to keep away from her because the First is dumber than a block of wood.
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I now want an extensive, expensive, pain-staking project just for me in which The First is replaced in every scene with Jim Rash as Dean Pelton from Community. "If you conspire with everyone who asks you to, that's not a conspiracy! It's just doing random crap!"
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