Archer: Pilot: Mole Hunt
May 20, 2016 4:48 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

While his fellow agents search for a mole in their ranks, Archer hacks into the agency's computers to conceal discrepancies in his expense accounts.
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If you like this episode I suggest you watch it with Archer replaced with a raptor. It is an actual full-length episode.

Some screens can be seen here:
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I was a grad student when it first aired, and I think I might have first heard about Archer via Metalocalypse and got the buzz from labmates and friends to watch the premiere.

First watch, it felt a little slow and smelling very very much like all of the other non-children animated shows at the time smelled, like how certain spaces on university campuses smell such that you know people use that space to play RPGs in, at least some of the time. Takes one to know one.

It was kinda funny but I was indifferent to it. The second episode is when I think I got hooked. I've made the mistake of introducing Archer to virgins newcomers twice by introducing them with this episode. Huh...

+++Which episode should never seen-ed people start?+++

The art has changed over the years, everybody looks quite different than they do now - interesting! Cyril was also much more chiselled-handsome in the first and second episodes. Cheryl and Mallory appear the least changed, on a quick scan.
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This is the greatest episode of one of the finest pieces of western art ever devised by a human being and I will fight anyone who says different. ANYONE.

Everything is all thing, it's all set up, the characters and their relationships to each other are there, the tone of the humor is there and if you can't see that, then I'm sorry you were raised badly and have no soul.
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ISIS is a lot more functional on an organizational level in the pilot. I'm so, so glad the writers downplayed that as the show went on.

For my money, the first episode which never seen-ed people should watch is "Skorpio."
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Boy, Lana looks different here.

One thing I miss about modern Archer is we're really just down to the core folks. First season Archer still had the semi-regulars like Brett, which livened up the interactions a bit, I think.
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"Skytanic" is my own go-to recommendation for Archer newbies (it worked on my SO, who was lukewarm on the series until then). IIRC, it and "Skorpio" (another good choice) are where the ISIS home team start to really shine.
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+++Which episode should never seen-ed people start?+++
Frisky Dingo?
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Actually, I second SkyTanic.
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Skytanic is my go-to as well -- there are just so many great moments and the characters are the very essence of themselves.

Least favorite: Swiss Miss.
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Has any actor ever nailed a voice performance as perfectly as Jessica Walters does, playing Malory Archer? In a show that's overloaded with brilliant actors doing career-best work, she's the lynch pin of the cast. Just extraordinary.
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Yes, Judy Greer is a goddamn national treasure!
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And she actually has the line from the ants internet meme not Archer.
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Archer drops the line farther into the series; like many things Archer, multiple people beat the drum over time.
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Skytanic + Jeu Monegasque + The Limited. You could really string together a best-of Archer season by featuring all the episodes focused on unusual modes of transportation.

Has any actor ever nailed a voice performance as perfectly as Jessica Walters does, playing Malory Archer?

"Shut up. And also, shut up." I die. Every time.
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I definitely miss ISIS. For whatever reason, being international agents was just more cool and funny.
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