UnREAL: Insurgent
June 14, 2016 7:25 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Quinn and Chet start producing two different versions of Everlasting, forcing the crew to choose a leader as new alliances are formed. Rachel feels her promotion slipping away as the crew is divided and takes matters into her own hands, yielding unexpected results for everyone.
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They are all so deliciously manipulative. I don't know anyone's names yet, but so far my favorite women in the house are the southern girl who might not be so racist after all, and the girl who dropped out of college to be on the show. And of course I adore Quinn.

EverBlasting.....haha. I'm sure there would be a market for it. It actually seems kind of like the spin off show from The Bachelor...is it called Bachelor Pad? I've never seen it but the commercials make it seem a bit less "wholesome" than the parent series........
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I would like for them to have given a better explanation of why Ruby needed to drop out of college vs just like, taking a semester off.

I am worried that this new guy is just double-Chet, the new scary cartoon paleo Chet was already enough Chet.
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I am sort of meh on this episode. I'm not sure why, though.
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My favourite moment in this episode was the cringeworthy talk between Rachel and Hot Rachel who was trying to downplay/apologise for her nickname. There was something painfully familiar about a conventionally prettier person trying to convince a less pretty person* that they're pretty too! And hot! Really, I'm just wearing much more make up! I'm sure I was subjected to that once or twice in my youth. But of course, this is Everlasting and Hot Rachel was just angling for an advantage.
(*Although I personally think Shiri Appelby is gorgeous, but I understand her character here isn't supposed to be.)

But S1 was so great - hilarious, very addictive and very dark - that I shouldn't be surprised that this one feels kind of forced and lackluster in comparison. Of course they couldn't repeat making the same formulaic show as in S1, but the whole EverBlasting development feels artificial and like something that would never happen on a show such as Everlasting like that, spur of the moment, without careful focus grouping and analysing the target audience. And the introduction of the racial theme as something new for Quinn and Rachel to be shockingly cynical about feels like we're getting trolled.

Rachel's slippery slope to the dark side was captivating in S1, but now she's firmly there and the actor's mesmerizing ability to project a complex mix of vulnerability, inner conflict and skilled manipulation goes wasted. The character is now driven by ambition and that's much harder to keep interesting. I almost wish UnREAL had remained a one season wonder. Or that if it had to continue that it had been Rachel going on to try something very different, something seemingly sincere. Like, I'm imagining her doing some Louis Theroux type documentaries, maybe from a feminist angle, and being unable to stop herself from manipulating the unadulterated truth she is supposed to depict.

Anyway, I predict that the new guy was introduced so that Rachel would have someone to screw with and get screwed by, in both senses of the word. Rachel banging someone, maybe even developing feelings while also playing dirty to oust him from his position as her boss seems like the kind of thing you'd expect to see on this show. Well, why not.
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Chet's plotline just feels so broad as to be kind of unbelievable in this ep. The "rival directors" thread just feels like kind of an implausible way for him to undermine and ride over Quinn. Rachel's execution of her plan to go over Chet and Quinn's heads also seemed pretty ham-handed for our favorite sociopath -- if that dude is enough of a bro-supremacist that Quinn feels he wouldn't side with her even given Chet's frankly unhinged behavior, what chance does Rachel have at being put in charge based on a single conversation? This dude doesn't even seem to really know her even without taking the misogyny into account. (Which is maybe the point, but then how did someone as supposedly savvy as Rachel not see something that obvious coming?) Idk it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
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