StartUp Podcast: From the Cell to the Sell (Season 3, Episode 8)
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The two-part story of ConBody kicks off just as one of the co-founders is about to make his pitch, flashes back to the company's unusual backstory, and then concludes post-pitch.

The co-founder, Coss Marte, first appeared on StartUp in an ad --- as a happy customer with the service being advertised.
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This was probably the best episode(s) they've done in the past couple of seasons. Just wish there was less Lisa Chow and more Coss, et al telling their own stories.
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We seem to have lost an episode. From the Cell to the Sell is the second part of this two-parter, and there doesn't seem to be a post for the first part.

Also, while I'm complaining, was anyone else seriously annoyed at how they handled the update to the Bento story? They teased the update before the final ad, then when the end of the episode came up, rather than just giving us the promised update, they said "Go to this url, and then click on this link for the update." It felt sort of like a scummy tactic to get people to listen to the ad and drive traffic to their web site, especially given the fact that the update wasn't so long and complicated that they couldn't have explained it in 30 seconds as part of the podcast. (I also distinctly remember taking several clicks and a little hunting to get to the update from the url they gave, but either they've fixed that in the last week, or my memory is faulty).
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firechicago: While I'm not the poster, I'd assumed this post was for both episodes, but I'm happy to be told that's not the case.

Also, ha, I didn't even bother to listen for the the promised update (I always skip the last commercial break), because at this point in the season, coincidentally, the only company I even care about at all is Bento, and assumed it was one of the other ones. But, yeah, that is scummy.
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I liked the two-parter; great characters, great story. It was a fortnight ago, but did we find out what happened at that fundraising event Coss spoke at? And how did they get from working $12/hour to renting fitness studios?

I liked the discussion of trusting employees who were former convicts and wouldn't have minded more on it - from my reading of AskMe it looks like many American companies don't trust their employees much even when they're not former convicts, and I would have liked to have widened the scope of the discussion on that point.

It sounds like Coss wasn't a talker at all, maybe they just couldn't get enough content out of him.

Though I enjoyed it, once again, this felt more like a story-of-someone two-parter than the business-focused one I'd thought Startup was. I should probably revise my expectations and relax into what it is. I wonder if that idea of Startup has moved over to the branded podcast they advertised in both episodes - has anyone tried it out?

For those who miss the business side of Startup, I've been really enjoying The Bottom Line podcast from the BBC. It's a discussion format and usually intelligent and insightful though UK based, so even when it has the odd episode featuring a startup (eg the recent episode on startup incubators) they work in a very different, far less macho, environment from Silicon Valley.
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Really enjoyed these two episodes. Great story! I also thought the discussion of trusting your employees was interesting.

I listened to the branded podcast, Open for Business. It was ok. Not scream-from-the-hilltops great (or rather, post-incessantly-on-twitter), but enjoyable.
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If you wanted to make a post I'd be interested in what other people have to say about it?
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