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September 2, 2014 5:15 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Donna meets the mysterious Harold Smith, Cooper discovers another secret letter, Leland gives our team a new lead on BOB, Nadine wakes up feeling 20 years younger, the one-armed man forgets to take his medicine, and we learn that Albert's path is a strange and difficult one.

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Bonus Stuff: Google Books samples from Full of Secrets: Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks, edited by David Lavery. (1995, Wayne State University Press) -- A collection of critical essays on various aspects of Twin Peaks, including a chapter on, an early Usenet forerunner of this very site.
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omg, what perfect timing. Just finished watching this episode about 40 seconds ago and I HAVE TO SHARE THIS.

Maddy's face while James is talking about do-it-through-the-bars Donna.

I am dyyyyyyying.

If someone could magically engifenate that reaction scene I would be so happy.
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I love Albert.
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And James is the Jar Jar Binks of Twin Peaks, in James Dean form. I would fast forward over every scene with him during Season 2.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Nadine's high school story arc.
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Nadine's return to high school should be the awfulest thing on the show, but it produces two utterly great things, forthcoming. The first is the Mike Nelson comes into his own here -- I mean it, he's just becomea increasingly entertaining as the storyline continues. Secondly, it produces a slideshow of Nadine throwing high school wrestlers that ai could watch for a week.
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Oh, and introducing Richard Tremayne, played by Ian Buchanin as a character from Invitation to Love somehow come to life in Twin Peaks. It's a pity his storylines are so uniformly stupid, because he's fabulous.
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Yeah, Ian Buchanin is wasted in Dick.

He's really good as the dastardly antagonist in On the Air, however.
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My concerns are global.
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In my rewatch of this episode, I was shocked to remember that Michael Parks (best known for his recurring role as Texas Ranger Earl McGraw in various Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino films) showed up as the third Renault brother, Jean. The last time I watched the series was right around the release of the Gold Box (ca. 2007?), but I would have figured that would have escaped my personal memory hole. So far, Jean's characterization is pretty much just a Pepe Le Pew accent in a J.R. Ewing suit, but he makes a more compelling "mastermind" villain than either Emory and Blackie.

Is anyone else kind of weirded out by the TPSD's lack of action on the Audrey Horne disappearance? Regardless of Ben's apparent nonchalance, the fact remains that a teenage girl just up and vanished mere weeks after the brutal murder (thought to be part of an ongoing pattern) of her classmate, and all anyone seems to be doing is talking. You'd think that they'd at least pull it in as a part of the Laura Palmer investigation.
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Okay, in a belated follow up to my previous comment about Harold, he is in the movie for about a minute.
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I'm reading the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer for the first time right now, and I'm eagerly(?) anticipating the entries (I assume there are some) about Harold, just so I can get some additional context for his character. Because right now, it feels like Lenny Von Dohlen's agent told him that he was going to be in a gender-flipped high school production of The Glass Menagerie instead of a bit part on Twin Peaks. Speaking as a former agoraphobe and chronic social misfit, I just don't believe in the reality of his character.
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