Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The NRA and Brexit
June 22, 2016 3:11 PM - Season 3, Episode 16 - Subscribe

This week...
  • The aftermath of Orlando shootings, from Trump's predictably awful remarks to the Democratic Party's filibuster, and the choke-hold the NRA holds over Congress and regulatory agencies, despite relatively low membership and campaign contributions. YouTube (11m)
  • And Now: "60 Minutes" Anchors Are Still Prompting People to Deliver the Exact Soundbite They Need
  • Main story: Brexit, that is to say, the motion to remove Great Britain from the European Union. Last Week Tonight debunks some of the reasons given for exiting. At the end, LWT provides their own (foul-mouthed, half-hearted) lyrics supporting staying in the EU, sung to the tune of Beethoven's "Ode To Joy." YouTube (16m)

The NRA: "Like PETA, but for guns, and effective."
Germany: "Where the national motto is, 'Let's stick to the present, shall we?'"
Luxembourg: "What happens when you leave Lichtenstein out in the sun too long."
Belgium: "The casual acquaintance France crops out of its Instagram photos."
Denmark: "What would happen if a suicide goat was a country."

Changed graphic in intro: Coffee cup with words "World's Greatest Dad," and the captions "F.37 Father's Day" and "Neverus Usedum"
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Surely Denmark is what would happen if a suicide note was a country.
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That was good, and of course the brexit section is being shared all over Twitter (The episode wasn't shown in it's usual timeslot because of pre election purdah rules)

I think he undersold Jo Cox's death to be honest. The political murder of an MP is a big BIG deal.
Only 8 MPs have ever been assassinated, six over Irish Republicanism and one over personal debt and that was over 200 years ago.
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Ah, I was wondering what a suicide goat was!
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Etrigan: "Surely Denmark is what would happen if a suicide note was a country."
As an expat Dane, I endorse this sentiment.

The Youtube link to the Orlando segment goes to a video where a lot of the background footage has been cut. Is the full segment not available somewhere?
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