Adventure Time: Daddy-Daughter Card Wars
July 10, 2016 12:05 PM - Season 7, Episode 37 - Subscribe

Jake needs his daughter's help in an underground Card Wars tourney to move on from his embarrassing past.
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Another great episode about growing up.
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If magic in this world is based on madness and sadness, and she can walk across the entirety of Ooo in mear moments, ...she just seems really chill about it.

Also, is she actually 90 years old herself? Is Jake that much older than he thinks he is? Is Finn dead in this episode!?!
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I thought she became 90 by absorbing the vision of herself at 90. I don't think magic requires madness and sadness especially given that 1/4 of her DNA is from an interdimensional being, 1/2 is Rainicorn and 1/4 is sentient talking dog. I think there's just a connection between magic, madness, and sadness in wizards & other ppl who go looking for magic. This has also been on my mind as I have been watching Game of Thrones for the first time and that show also has a strong current of magic being connected with sadness & madness.

I was trying to remember this yesterday and look it up but I had no luck. Wasn't there another Card Wars episode, besides the original one "Card Wars"?
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Have we seen Jake remove his bones so care-freely before?
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As far as I can remember, this is only the second card wars episode and no I don't think we've seen Jake give up a bone before.
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Oh wow I didn't even remember there was a previous Card Wars episode.
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Argh, my DVR somehow didn't pick this up. It did, however, think Shrek 2 was Adventure Time. Cartoon Network's godawful random scheduling is really obnoxious.
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Adventure Time is ending in 2018.
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The news makes me both happy and sad. I hope they keep making comic books for it though. If they ever want to revisit it, a spin-off show called something like "Tales from Ooo" could be fun.
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In an official statement, Cartoon Network promised the final run of Adventure Time episodes will encompass ”142 half-hours of content,” which includes new episodes, miniseries, specials, and some mysterious “more.” (By comparison, the complete run of Game of Thrones so far only represents about 120 half-hours of content.)
Wowcowchow! That's lumping yogaballs huge.
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