Feed the Beast: The Wild West
July 12, 2016 8:15 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Revisiting the past, Tommy questions Dion's friendship with Rie. Uninvited guests threaten to derail the restaurant's soft opening.

The soft opening happens, thanks to a Mose bootlegging a gas hook-up. Pilar hounds Dion for receipts for all the money he threw around (that is, gave to Patrick) and finally ends up punching him and having sex with him. Tommy is sad because Dion may have also hooked up with Rie, as evidenced by the flirty cooking videos he finds on Rie's laptop. CPS drops in to check on TJ, but Aidan actually steps in to sing the praises of their three-generation family bonding to open the restaurant. Tommy considers him neither friend nor family.

And at the end, Patrick has a shoot-out with his Chinese rivals, making the evening news and resulting in a flurry of calls to the restaurant to cancel reservations for the opening night. (I guess showing the schedule emptying on an OpenTable dashboard would have been less compelling.)
posted by jimw (1 comment total)
I was very happy to see Dion get punched in the face after he ran through his greatest hits package of ways to manipulate Pilar. I was very disappointed about the after-punch sex, which is just such an ugly and stupid trope.

I felt like the gas problems were a case of going to the "Pilar fails to be on top of something" well one time too many. I suppose next episode we'll be treated to the drama of her failing to get the proper permits for their valet service.

I wonder what the gas company technician who shows up the following day to turn their gas back on will think of their bootlegged gas connection.
posted by jimw at 8:21 PM on July 12, 2016

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