A New Season
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Where do we go from here?

As I've mentioned, the Euro posts were a success (Copa America kind of died down after a while, and I expect nothing from the Olympic Games tournament) and they were featured on the Watercooler every time I've checked, but now, it's time to move on.

There's a new season with club football starting in a few weeks (and if you missed the news: Celtic lost against a team from Gibraltar in the first leg of the Champions League qualifier), and I'm wondering if anyone has ideas or plans to follow competitions via FF talk. Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, Icelandic Úrvalsdeild, you name it.
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As an LFC fan, hearing Celtic lost to the part timers from Gibraltar was hilarious. I would/will be following the premiership, and am hoping we have our defence finally sorted out. Should be an interesting season with all the new managers, including Koeman at Everton, and the ones already there (Klopp, Wenger - on the last year of his contract) and the teams who did well last season like Leicester and Spurs, as well as those who finished just outside the top 5 fighting away.

I am not sure how it should work over here though.

Anyone care to call the top four of the English Premier League right now?
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Top four: Liverpool, west ham, crystal palace, Everton ;-)
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I think this year it will be more interesting to see what's the first manager to get the boot. There's a lot of teams with a lot invested, and not enough top places for all.
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idb: that would be hilarious, beautiful, and perfect.

lmfsilva: yes, interesting question, so many managerial changes this summer, it is hard to say and I can't find any odds for the coming season yet. (Maybe because I am not a gambler so I am not looking in the right places, or maybe they aren't done yet.)

I know they are not in the prem, but I do wonder how long Rafa will last at newcastle, especialy as he hasn't managed in the Championship before.
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I think the managers question will have to wait until the transfers close. Not all teams will be able to close all deals for their starting 11, and most teams are lacking on one position or the other.

From those six, if the FA was willing to do anything about grassroots/youth football, then I'd take Klinsmann. English players at youth levels seems to be chronically under prepared when compared to continental teams - there's some truth to that joke Dier was the most tactically aware of all English players because he was formed down here. If they're not, Hoddle. I fell If he didn't come up with the Karma bullshit, I could have seen him lead England to a title (or close) until 2004 or 2006. But if he could do that now...
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Pretty sure many USA supporters would give you Klinsmann in a heartbeat. They've had more than a few "what the hell are you thinking?" moments with him. He's also got a pretty cushy number in the U.S.
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One thing I've found funny about Klinsmann is the article calls him tactically naive, while I think he makes very structurally sound teams, but I've seen foosball teams with more flexibility and creativity. It's like he doesn't want players to get off the script at all.

Sure, being naive and doing a decent job of making sure the team won't be caught pants down and little else are no exclusives, and he might be playing to his own teams weaknesses (while at the same time making sure strengths are all very much capped), but it's still funny.
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Looks like it's Big Sam for England

Meanwhile, BBC reports "Spain have named Julen Lopetegui as their new manager."
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I've been calling for Lopetegui as Spanish manager as soon as he signed here. He worked as their youth team coach for this upcoming generation of players, and Spain needs someone with a better understanding of their youth talent.

Of course, he might still put Spain playing like a merry-go-round like he often did here, but that's a different question.
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Way to score an own goal, goalie.... AFC Bournemouth gifted own goal on pre-season US tour.
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Obviously this is the time of pre-season friendlies and transfers, so how's your team doing? Having a good pre-season, or has it turned into a bit of wasteful nightmare as it seems to have done for the Manchester clubs in China? How about transfer wise? Any surprises, either in or out?

Manu still chasing Pogba, kinda funny that he left for nothing and now they are looking to pay silly money for the guy. Didn't have the best Euros either. I rate him, but I agree with lmfsilva that he can go missing in big games, which would be worrying for me if I was a manc fan!

LFC have let Kolo Toure go to Celtic, and Skrtel has gone as well - he hasn't been the same since he got a head injury in a challenge a while back to be honest. Also Joe Allen might be going (BBC reports he is having a medical at Stoke!) - not sure why, he had an excellent Euros with Wales, so would hopefully be on a high from that. We have brought in a couple of players, but I am unsure about them as I don't know enough about them. I just hope Markovic gets a run of games in position, as I like him as a player.

Celtic managed to beat the Imps at home, and now have a massive trek for their next qualifying game! But...

Leicester beat Celtic on Penalties

Some data:

BBC July Transfers list

Prem clubs pre season
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Porto is still a huge mess and I think not only the title is not going to happen, but also the financial state will take another tumble after failing to reach the champions league group stage later next month. too many hands on the pie, not enough quality players - or players Europe used to fight for (there's Herrera, who could become a player in the war of attrition between Juventus and Napoli, Brahimi and maybe Neves or Danilo).
The hot rumour today is that Rafa could be days away from signing, which would be a fine signing (although I don't like the numbers involved) but don't solve the defensive fragility problem. Still need a good central defender and a striker.

LFC have let Kolo Toure go to Celtic
Hello darkness my old friend...
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(also, Rafa = this guy, not Benitez)
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LFC have let Kolo Toure go to Celtic, and Skrtel has gone as well - he hasn't been the same since he got a head injury in a challenge a while back to be honest. Also Joe Allen might be going (BBC reports he is having a medical at Stoke!) - not sure why, he had an excellent Euros with Wales, so would hopefully be on a high from that. We have brought in a couple of players, but I am unsure about them as I don't know enough about them. I just hope Markovic gets a run of games in position, as I like him as a player.

Allen wants to see first team action not just be a squad player, and presumably that wasn't going to happen. From what the reports say (13 million pounds?) LFC take a loss on Allen having brought him in for 15, but on the other hand maybe they're lucky to get that much seeing as he's on the last year of his contract?

Markovic apparently hasn't been particularly impressive in the pre-season friendlies. Grujic has looked good though.

We still need a left back, preferably someone with even a modicum of defensive mindedness to challenge for Moreno's spot. Even better if it's someone that can play both sides and can serve as cover in case of injury to Clyne.
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And possibly another defender as well, now... "Mamadou Sakho: Jurgen Klopp sends home Liverpool defender early from USA tour.

At this rate we will be lucky to finish 8th...

Barca news: (via BBC) "Barcelona have touched down in England for their pre-season games against Celtic, Leicester and Liverpool. (this links to the Daily Mail Football section): The team have been training at St George's Park..."

and: "Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said there is a conspiracy at the club to get rid of Messi. Messi's current deal with the club ends in 2018."
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Canadian Women 3-0 in their group at the olympics including a gutsy 2-1 come from behind win (with only ~30% possession!) over the higher-ranked Germany despite resting their best player and their second best being suspended on a (rumoured intentional) second yellow card the previous game.
ACANADACANADACAN                                   NADACANADACANADA
CANADACANADACANA                 A                 ADACANADACANADAC
CANADACANADACANA                 A                 ADACANADACANADAC
ANADACANADACANAD                 D                 DACANADACANADACA
NADACANADACANADA                 A                 ACANADACANADACAN
ADACANADACANADAC                                   CANADACANADACANA

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Forgot to mention, their win against Australia was despite playing a full 70 minutes down to 10 women.
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