Killjoys: Shaft
July 18, 2016 7:31 AM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A rescue mission goes sideways when the team encounters an unexpected enemy in an abandoned mine.
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I still have no idea why Pawter remained behind the barrier last episode or why suddenly she thought it made sense this episode to do her espionage bit. Okay, she found the plans to the wall, but that was mainly a fluke. She couldn't have known they would be there, and if they weren't what then?
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Magic smoke that instantly turns you into a bag of dust! Unless someone holds you down under water!

Yeah, didn't care for this one too much.
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Episode 2 last week was the one with the instant mummification gas, fimbulvetr, this week had the mysterious moss critters.
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Oops. That's right. I was doing catch-up with the PVR on the weekend and lost track.

This episode was better than the dust episode, but I'm not enjoying this season as much as the last. The "10 hours earlier" bit at the start is a tired trope that really needs to go. And the fact that everything was just a hallucination was so heavily telegraphed from the beginning it wasn't even a surprise. The moss slugs were interesting though. They never did follow up on how the abandoned ship got full of moss, which bothered me for some reason.
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I did love Pawter's rescuing herself via bad-ass surgical skills. Though the fact that Jelco's compound was empty enough for her to carry out the switcheroo and hide the body of the guy she stabbed without discovery reminded me of the bit in Deadpool outside the Professor Xavier's about the studio not being able to afford more X-Men characters. No extras for Jelco?
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I wasn't paying super-close attention through the whole episode, but my impression was that Pawter wasn't specifically looking for the wall plans,, but rather anything that might help her escape and/or bring down Jelco.

The monk using his own skin to write on was admirably creepy.

Totally don't buy the Dutch/Alvis pairing.

It seems like they might have bigger budgets this season, or else they're figuring out where to spend their money for maximum effect.
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[sarcasm on] Actually I've been impressed by this show's ability to turn gravel pits in to alien landscapes. [sarcasm off]
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