Tyrant: The Dead and The Living
July 26, 2016 6:18 PM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Barry and Molly employ every means available to prevent a personal tragedy. Fauzi and Daliyah become close through work. Ahmed makes a dark discovery about Nusrat's past.

The clear-cutting of old characters continues.

Emma's stay with the Caliphate turns out to be short-lived, as Molly is intercepted in her effort to trade herself in, and General Big's forces bungle the attempt to rescue Emma. Luckily, they had a drone in the air so Ihab could taunt them on the phone and get all stabby with Emma without going unseen.

Ahmed is doing a little spring-cleaning when he runs across Nusrat's diary and learns how his father raped her on their wedding night. Instead of giving his father a kidney to save his life, he makes him eat a pillow.

Fauzi invites himself to dinner with Daliyah, learns a little more about how his daughter died, and otherwise stumbles ahead to wherever that bland plot thread is leading.

It's also worth noting that the show displayed a little of its shared heritage with 24 when, once again, torture and threatening families was demonstrated as an effective interrogation technique.
posted by jimw (1 comment total)
So much for Jamal getting back up on his feet again. It's a shame, he was easily one of the most compelling characters on the show, and I expected him to get back into the mix as the season went on. Emma's death, on the other hand, was entirely unsurprising.
posted by jimw at 6:23 PM on July 26, 2016

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