Real Humans: "Power at Heart"
September 6, 2014 4:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The media picks up on Inger's legal case. Therese enjoys the new Rick. Silas has his way with Odi and Leo, who can escape at the last minute. Eva is scared by the group of free hubots, that experience some internal power struggles themselves. Matilda discovers that there is more to Anita. Roger celebrates 15 years at the same company and steals explosives. And then it goes BOOM!
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Heh. Asimov block. The writers get points for that.

Ok, she's not a real cop. Now that's surprising. Living in a dead woman's flat? With the body still there? That's cold. I'm happy it wasn't decomposed.

But how long can you have been pretending? You need papers and training and all that don't you? I've a feeling they're never going to pursue how she got the job and that is going to keep me up at nights.

So all it takes is switching between the modded and un-modded OS to get Anita or Mimi. Proof they're not sentient. 

That sex scene with the vicar and wife was too funny. ‎You just don't see a lot of scenes like that on non-porn shows.

I like Therese sitting in bed post-Hubot shag and coming to the realization that the 'bots might not be that safe after all. That was well-done. On the other hand, no safety anywhere is a pretty shitty situation.

Roger's boss is incredibly nice to him, considering. Did he change into a jerk overnight then? That disguise, though. Weak.
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